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How OpenStack Can Cut Costs Without Impacting Quality

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The notion that it's possible to cut costs without impacting quality may seem unlikely, but with an OpenStack powered cloud it's more than possible.

The notion that it's possible to cut costs without impacting quality may seem unlikely, but with an OpenStack powered cloud it's more than possible. When evaluating the total wealth of a business it's important to factor in return on investment. For any business, there are various ways to minimize overall costs. In the age of cloud computing, it is important for many companies to limit the costs of their IT infrastructure. As a result, focusing on saving on costs while maintaining the same level of quality can be attractive for businesses.

For today's blog, we've compiled some ways your business can use the power of an OpenStack powered cloud to reduce costs without impacting any quality. Curious to cut costs and improve your bottom line with the power of OpenStack? Keep reading to learn how.

Measure Cloud Waste Without Impacting OpenStack's Quality

The first way of decreasing costs without affecting quality is to find any gaps in your cloud strategy. Remember, it's impossible to measure or change what you're not aware of. Through the use of OpenStack's dashboard Horizon, it's possible to create and manage volumes within your cloud. Take time to review how your business is utilizing your current cloud and get a clear view of any inefficiencies. Then as a decision-maker, you'll have a better idea of what needs to be improved upon. Idle resources and infrastructure that is too big for the needs of your business can be serious financial drains. With OpenStack, you're able to attach or detach volume to an instance as needed, which can impact your cloud waste. Once you're able to better monitor your cloud and how it powers your workload then you'll have a firm idea of how to move forward.

Make A Plan

After you've taken the time to identify where your cloud waste is coming from and adjust it through Horizon, then the next step is to create a plan to reduce these inefficiencies. Through OpenStack Horizon, users are able to create and manage roles, all the while managing projects, and users. Create clear goals, processes, and deadlines for both decision-makers and your IT department. One of the best ways to create a strong plan is to make small changes and work your way up to more monumental tasks. Removing unneeded processes or redundant code can free many costs within an organization or business.

Understand The Importance Of Long Term Investment

Using your OpenStack dashboard and other projects to their full potential is a surefire way to cut costs without impacting the overall quality of your cloud solution. Although it may feel like a serious undertaking to review the inner workings of your cloud, you'll be able to drive up your overall profit margins by doing so. OpenStack technology gives you an in-depth view of your cloud solution through a simplified dashboard, thus giving you the insights that you need to manage your business to the fullest.

Did you know that 72% of OpenStack users cite cost savings as their number one business driver? If you're thinking about implementing an OpenStack powered cloud or looking to make the most out of your current OpenStack cloud solution, contact the experts at VEXXHOST. We have been using and contributing to OpenStack since 2011. Therefore, we have the experience to help you better your overall cloud infrastructure, to reduce waste and increase profits.

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