/New Changes at Google

New Changes at Google

Google recently made many changes to its search engine algorithm. These changes will surely affect your website ranking, so I want to take the time to show webmasters an overview of these changes.

Google was crawl and indexing pages on monthly bases, which means we see changes in ranking monthly. But now this is done continuously one daily bases, which means your ranking can change from day to day but you can see bigger changes when Google change its algorithm.

Last month there was a big change within the Google algorithm, if your website ranking was hurt because of these changes then you should update your website and make it follow the new guidelines for a better ranking.

  1. Create a better linking campaign: By RSS feeds, article syndication and submitting to directories and press release.
  2. Google sitemap: create a sitemap is vital to increase the pages that indexed by Google.
  3. Navigation system: make sure all of your pages are reachable from at least one static link.
  4. Manipulative or deceptive behaviour: Never link to linking schemes, don’t use any form of cloaking and never use hidden links or hidden text.

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