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New Changes at Google AdWords

There have been recent changes with Google AdWords that effects many customers by increasing there bid amounts on a certain keywords. These changes accord when Google changed its algorithm last month.

Advertisers who were paying 5 cents are now paying 50 cents or even more to keep their positions, others are paying the same amount but their places changes two or three pages back. However, this have not been effected all advertisers as some stay not effected. This summarise the type of site that have been affected.

  • One page sales letter websites.
  • Squeeze pages.
  • AdSense sites (particularly those involved in AdSense arbitrage).
  • Affiliate sites.

The algorithm gives a quality score to the landing page of AdWords. Here are 3 general methods that will help advertisers who have been affected by the recent updates.

  1. Provide quality unique content.
  2. Put your AdWord link on the best page that describes your products.
  3. Make links from other page of your website to the AdWord page so its not look like a one page website.

Also you got to remove all AdSense ads from the AdWord landing page and make sure that it contain more than 500 words and there is no form to fill in. As you can see Google is getting smarter everyday so must not trick the search engines but to have truly valuable info to our visitors.

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August 21st, 2006|0 Comments