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Need a contact form for your site? We make sure we got you covered, thanks to 123ContactForm!

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

This has been a crazy week for us at VEXXHOST, we will be introducing a new set of partners in the coming week and the ones after however our first announcement is with our partnership with 123ContactForm!

We have heard a lot of input from our customers that host a simple HTML website that they designed using an offline web page editor then published it, such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. However, one of the most commonly asked questions is how can they set up a contact form.

Previously, most customers would leave their email on a contact page, however, that caused a bunch of problems for customers. You would have online bots that crawl emails online, once they find it, you're in for a large amount of incoming spam, which can, in turn, increase the possibility that you'll miss a legitimate email through the spam.

The other problem was the number of people that engaged you. Nowadays, people using online email clients such as Gmail or Google Apps is extremely common. If someone is hesitant about contacting you, it feels like a much longer process for the customer to copy the email address, sign in to his or her email account and compose an email.

Also, if you use an online email client, you've had the misfortune of clicking on an email address that ends up opening Outlook, slowing down things on your computer and getting you frustrated. These points really show the importance of having a good contact form to maintain a good engagement.

123ContactForm allows you to get up a simple contact form without having to know any programming skills. The code is generated for you and all you have to do is paste it into your editor. Once that's complete, your form is up and it is entirely managed by 123ContactForm. That's all! No extra work, no worries, just plug and play!

When we were approached by 123ContactForm for this partnership, it was great for us to be able to offer a tool that helps solve our customer's problems with simplicity and ease. After working with their staff, we are happy to form a partnership with them!

From now on, anyone can log in to their cPanel control panel and click on the “123ContactForm” link, where they will be redirected to their site and from there, you can start building your contact form for free!

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