VEXXHOST was created in 2006 and opened it’s virtual doors as web hosting provider. VEXXHOST now offers Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud all powered by OpenStack.

With the release of our new cloud platform, we have added a ton of features including single-tenant private networks. Yesterday, we rolled out another update, which should increase the flexibility of control over the networks that your server is connected to.

Typically, you would create private networks then create servers that are connected to them. You could only select which networks your servers are connected to when launching your new server. However, with the new update, you can actually attach and detach networks while your server is running.

This increases the control over your servers and allows you to update the architecture of your application dynamically without needing to rebuild your servers from scratch. In addition, you can now add multiple IP addresses to any interface as well.

We have added a few other things as well, such as the ability to administratively shut down a port, which keeps it available for you but disconnects it from your server and our “Reset Network” function, which works in cooperation with the agent running inside your virtual machine to update your network configuration files to reflect the changes you’ve made. Again, the new update can actually attach and detach networks while your server is running. And, you will be able to add more than one IP addresses to any interface. This will definitely help you increase the control over your servers.

We are quite happy of the new introduced changes and look forward for new updates in the coming future to help improve and facilitate the management and operation of your cloud infrastructure on our service.


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