/Introducing new partner: xiBOSS Corporation

Introducing new partner: xiBOSS Corporation

Our cloud computing services are at the heart and core of many successful businesses and help them achieve their goals at a much faster and cost-effective rate. The journey to unlocking the full potential of the cloud takes quite sometime, because of the fundamental paradigm shift of how we deal with computing.

We’ve found that many organizations need help in fully unlocking the true potential of the cloud, let alone how to migrate their existing infrastructure onto the cloud in a proper and correct basis. Today, we’re announcing one of our newest partners, xiBOSS corporation, which can help you be far more productive at achieving your business goals.

For customers looking to get into big data but worried about all the complexities that can be introduced by it, their big data services labeled “xiDATA” will help you every step of the way, from assessment and planning to implementation.

There is no need to work with complicated software or large investments in hardware or workforce, xiDATA can help bring you up to speed in a fraction of the time and help get you the answers that you need about your business. We’re excited about this partnership and we look forward to bringing aboard partners which can help you leverage your cloud computing services far more efficiently!

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