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How Will Google Caffeine Affect The Rankings Of Web Pages?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The name given to Google's next algorithm is “Google Caffeine”. This is going live early 2010. It looks like “Google Caffeine” will be not a regular updates. “Google Caffeine” will possibly be a main overhaul of the calculations that Google uses to rank websites.

What changes we will expect?

For sure, Google hasn't revealed all the information about it yet. Though, the new index has been live on several test servers and a few Google employees as well talked about that next index. The following factors might play a bigger role in Google's Caffeine index:

  • Website speed: A slow loading website, Might not get high rankings.
  • Broken links: Websites contain too many broken links; might have a harmful impact of their position in Google search results.
  • Bad neighborhoods: Linking to known spammers and getting a lot of links from known spammers isn't good for your rankings in Google's current algorithm. The harmful impact of a bad neighborhood will possibly be even worse with the new index.
  • The over-all quality of your website: Google's Caffeine will most likely take a closer look at the over-all quality of the website. It's not sufficient to have little ranking factors in place. That means websites most likely require good optimized content, a superior website design with a clear navigation, a low bounce rate, good inbound links, etc. The amount of social bookmarks might also play an increased role.

Factors like the website past history, the age of it, authority, etc. will still play a role in the new index. Still, the result of the different factors on rankings will shift.

How can web pages be adjusted to Google's Caffeine index?

Although the Caffeine update hasn't been release yet at the time of writing this post, there are many factors that can be done to raise the chances for a website to get good rankings in Google's Caffeine index:

  • Remove all spam elements from web pages. Everything that might be considered as spam, can and will have a harmful effect on the ranking of web pages. As an example, text that has the same color of the background, cloaking and automated linking.
  • Check website design and navigation. Website should have a professional feel and look. The menu should be simple and web pages should easily found by search engine spiders.
  • Get links from social bookmark websites. Social bookmark links already play a big role in the current algorithm and that role may be boosted in the new index.
  • Check links. No links to websites that look like spammers. It's good to concentrate on quality links instead of quantity links. Google Caffeine will be released early 2010. By following the above tips, websites will be in a better position for the new index.

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