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How To Maintain Momentum Throughout Your Cloud Migration

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

When it comes to cloud migration it is important to remember that cloud migration is the beginning of your cloud journey, not the end of it. For many businesses, starting their cloud journey can be a bumpy road. Businesses need to be prepared and organized to reap the benefits of better scalability, flexibility, optimization and lower infrastructure costs thanks to the cloud. It is about more than merely deploying cloud infrastructure and leaving your IT department to do the rest. Cloud migration is just the starting point for digital transformation.

For businesses that have recently migrated, some growing pains can be discouraging. Despite this, it's important to remember that any cloud journey is not a set process. It is not as simple as adopting a cloud with a clear start and end date. Instead, it is an ongoing process that goes through planning, migration, operation, and optimization. To properly take advantage of your cloud solution, your business needs to be focusing on each aspect of your cloud journey.

Thankfully, the experts at VEXXHOST are here to help your business work to maintain momentum after your cloud migration. From adopting better overall practices to optimizing for growth, that will help your business grow post cloud migration.

How To Optimize For Growth Post Cloud Migration

How do you maintain momentum after your cloud migration? That's the big question. It all starts in the planning phase of your cloud deployment. Decision-makers should decide which applications they want to implement in their cloud, what resources are needed to succeed and which data sets will be migrated to the cloud. Then during the migration and operation stage, continuous monitoring of ongoing costs and performance is integral to the overall success of the cloud migration. Then when all workloads are on the cloud it is time to optimize for success. Review applications and performance on a regular basis. Best practices throughout the entire process ensure that your business will not lose momentum at any time.

Comprehensive planning, alongside involving your team through every step of your cloud journey is one of the strongest ways to optimize growth. If your team needs an extra hand in maintaining momentum and optimizing growth your business should consider a managed cloud solution. Meaning that your business can focus on its core competencies while your cloud provider takes care of the rest.

Why OpenStack Makes All The Difference

No cloud journey is complete without mentioning OpenStack. OpenStack offers infrastructure-as-a-service to private and public clouds. Moreover, it works to compute, store and network resources in your own data center, or in the data center of a cloud provider of your choice. OpenStack is an optimal choice for cloud management, as it can run cloud deployments with ease from migration and beyond.

If you're looking to maintain momentum after your private cloud migration then consult the experts at VEXXHOST. Our team of experts is here to help you better understand which tools are best for you and grow your business with an OpenStack powered cloud. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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