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How to Ensure High Availability for Your Critical Databases

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Securing high availability for your organization's mission critical databases is a must for those moving to a public cloud. Find out how VEXXHOST can help!

Most businesses today have their own respective critical databases, and while the data itself will differ between them, these databases are central to the majority of the organization's day-to-day functions and processes - meaning that they are depended upon at all times. As a result, these databases are required to be not just highly scalable, but highly available as well.

The Bad News

However, as many organizations are now opting to migrate their workloads to the cloud, high availability is becoming a veritable challenge that they face. Oftentimes, the main reason that businesses gravitate towards database clusters is their high availability, but the reality is that these clusters are susceptible to losing this point of attraction if moved to just any public cloud.

The Good News

That being said, when the right solution and technology is leveraged, organizations can avoid any loss of critical functionality and retain the availability of their database clusters.


As the company behind Canada's largest OpenStack public cloud, VEXXHOST is knowledgeable and experienced in working with businesses and their critical databases. To provide the support, security and resources that our public cloud users require, we couple OpenStack technology with enterprise-grade virtual machines.

The result is an infrastructure and network that offers highly reliable server uptime availability, backed up by a 100% Service Level Agreement. With redundant power, storage and networking, our users' servers will always be up and running on our cloud. Additionally, our fully centralized storage infrastructure replicates user data across multiple machines to ensure maximum availability, reliability, and durability of the data. This permits us to perform maintenance operations on our physical infrastructure without impacting our users' servers.

Additionally, our cloud servers allow users to easily increase or decrease capacity within minutes without worrying about upgrading any physical hardware. The web service APIs, meanwhile, enable them to commission instantly any number of servers required by their app as their app automatically scales itself.

VEXXHOST's public cloud also makes use of cloud load balancers that are equipped with health monitoring which ensures that incoming traffic is only directed to healthy instances. If an unhealthy workload is detected, the load balancer removes it from scaling and redirects the traffic to healthy instances. Load balancers health monitoring allows our users to create HTTP, ping and TCP health checks.

If your business is looking to migrate to a public cloud, VEXXHOST can not only simplify and ease that transition but ensure that your business is getting the most value from it. Through our extensive experience and partner-over-provider approach, your organization can not only make its performance goals a reality but can achieve them with peace of mind. Contact us today to get started, or for more information!

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