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How To Benefit From Containerization With Kubernetes?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Make the most of containerization with a container orchestration tool like Kubernetes. Learn more about the benefits you can reap and enhance your infrastructure.

Decision-makers are now familiar with containerization and consider it essential to their cloud environment. Based on this trend, the forecast states that three-quarters of businesses will have containerized applications by 2022. However, the same study indicated that as of now, only 30% of them are using them. Therefore, it seems like there is some hesitation to adopt it.

For successful management of containers, you need a comprehensive orchestration platform to create, move and manage containers. The container orchestration tool, Kubernetes, performs all these functions with minimal downtime. A tool like Kubernetes helps you benefit from containerization in your infrastructure.

What can Kubernetes do for you?

Kubernetes is an extremely nifty tool and can perform multiple useful tasks, as follow:

  1. Scalable: It recognizes the demand of end-users and spins up or down accordingly. Kubernetes manages and shifts container clusters as per the convenience of users while maintaining them in the state required by them. The smallest Kubernetes units called pods can handle multiple containers at once while treating them as a single entity. Therefore, by sharing your pod's resources, you're able to scale up or down your cloud footprint depending on your needs.
  2. Portable: Kubernetes is a platform-agnostic tool; therefore, so are the containers maintained and managed by it. Users have the ease of accessing their applications across multiple cloud environments, be it on-premise, public or hybrid cloud. Cloud infrastructure with Kubernetes can help you with all the difficulties associated with multi-cloud strategies.
  3. Restorative: Kubernetes can identify problems and auto-heal them. It gets services back up automatically by taking corrective steps through the reaping, moving and creation of new containers.
  4. Cost-efficient: Kubernetes is an affordable solution for container management. It's cost benefits are reaped most when paired with pay-as-you-go cloud service models. As more and more use cases for Kubernetes come to light, C-level executives of the business world are becoming aware of its benefits. The orchestration tool is steadily becoming mainstream as businesses start the adoption process. From the improved quality of service for users, agile and flexible infrastructure and minimized cost, are just some of the many benefits to implementing a cloud solution.

Enhance your infrastructure with Kubernetes

To take full advantage of your cloud infrastructure, you need to implement an efficient and effective orchestration tool like Kubernetes. Do not miss out on containerization benefits with any ordinary tool. If you are interested in an agile solution that promises an excellent return on investment, then Kubernetes is for you.

We at VEXXHOST are certified Kubernetes and offer Kubernetes Enablement for your OpenStack private cloud. From helping you with its deployment, to management and following through with updates, we will be your side at every step. Get in touch with our experts to know how Kubernetes can enhance your cloud setup and business.

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