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How Does Edge Computing Stimulate Enterprise Innovation?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Edge computing is set to revolutionize most aspects of life and business and organizations must embrace it to foster growth. Read more.

Technology adoption and use have grown exponentially during the pandemic, generating humongous rates of critical data across organizations. Hence, enterprises are turning to edge computing to help accelerate growth and drive business transformation.

With edge computing set to revolutionize most aspects of life and business, organizations must embrace collaboration and take advantage of ecosystems to capitalize on all its opportunities.

Where Edge Computing Comes In

Businesses need the data created readily available to push innovation and growth in real-time, which is central to many companies' digital transformation. However, many organizations face genuine data processing challenges - for example, a large volume of data can lead to latency issues in the cloud.

This data explosion has driven businesses to maximize their use of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and 5G connectivity. Before seeing how edge can help, here is a look at what it means.

Edge computing refers to the network paradigm that brings cloud computing services such as network and storage closer to the consumer. Although edge computing is a relatively new technology, it has taken the cloud computing world by storm.

The origin of edge computing can be traced back to the 1990s when Akamai launched its content delivery network. It is now among the largest computing platforms, but nodes were scattered geographically to be closer to end-users to set it up. Edge computing expanded on this concept and enabled the nodes to perform computational tasks.

How Edge Computing Helps

Business enterprises now understand the infrastructural demands of cutting-edge technologies and provide a competitive advantage in accelerating their digital transformation.

Looking at the crucial verticals, experts understand that data analyzed at the edge correct errors and make supply chains and product development efficient. Edge computing provides operatives with real-time consumer behavior and analysis, empowering them to provide more personalized experiences to customers.

Critical edge applications, such as machine vision and AI-based robotics, are used to validate features and analyze defects, helping to deliver the highest-quality product possible.

Edge solutions also help deliver high quality of care and clinical efficiency in the medicine and healthcare industry. This help is achieved by enabling constant monitoring, records integration, data collection, and AI-powered analysis.

In the telecom industry, edge technology drives network and operational efficiency while meeting targets and reducing costs. Companies could manage 5G networks to achieve network automation, energy efficiency, virtual network KPIs, and operational flexibility over many use cases with AI and analytics-based engines.

With the help of edge technology, even the smallest objects have the potential to collect, store, and deliver information that can be used in real-time applications.

Edge Computing with VEXXHOST Cloud Solutions

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