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Google's Real-Time Results - How To Get In

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Starting December 2009, Google's search engine started to show real-time results on the search engine result pages.

The real-time result box is displayed for search keywords and phrases that are currently in discussion on popular social network websites. For Google to provide these real-time results, they started many partnerships with websites like MySpace, Facebook, FriendFeed,, Jaiku, and Twitter.

Google has not shown how these real-time results are chosen but it looks like some things that seem to have some sort of effect. So if you want your tweets to be shown in Google's real-time results, you should consider doing this:

  • Google seems to create profiles for users who re-tweeted much more than other users. And if that Twitter user has so many high-authority followers, then it is more likely that these tweets will show in the real-time results.
  • Google seems that they want to identify spammers by the quality of their followers and the quality of their tweets.
  • Google also seems that they are now analyzing the text that is used in the blog post, tweet, etc. to rate the quality of the post or tweet. If a post quality is low and it looks like spam, then it won't be chosen to show in the real-time results. All the collected data will be used to decide an “Update Rank” for each contributing user in social networks and whose post will be shown on Google. To summarize, what truly helps is having a good amount of retweets which will show in the real-time results. Second, having a good quality followers and tweets since Google can identify spammers through that. Last but not least, the text that is actually written in the blog posts, tweets, etc. If they have low quality, they would be marked as spam and will not show in the real-time results.

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