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Cloud Computing And The Global GPU Market

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

GPUs have a lot more to offer than merely visual displays of computer and graphic features. Check out these GPU benefits for all cloud users.


When it comes to Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and cloud infrastructure, GPUs make for the highest-performing cloud computing possible. Modern GPUs contain hundreds of processing units, making them capable of achieving high precision calculations. GPUs have a lot more to offer than merely visual displays of computer and graphic features. Industries working with big data can take advantage of the power of GPUs to refine tasks that were once upon a time handled by CPUs. Especially when working with enterprise-grade GPUs, businesses across a wide range of industries can benefit from its high computing capabilities within cloud computing.

That being said, the global GPU market is growing at unprecedented rates. It is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 30% between the time period of 2018-2024. The overall market size is predicted to reach $80 billion USD by 2024. The European market is to have a 25% share in global revenue by 2024. Moreover, on-demand GPU cloud computing will only continue to be on the rise. The cloud deployment segment in GPUs will have a 5% market share in 2024. GPU hardware segments do and will continue to have the largest overall market share, followed by its software and service segments respectively.

These figures indicate that the growth of GPUs is only expected to flourish in the upcoming years. As the popularity of the global GPU market grows so do the benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the global market and GPU benefits applicable to all cloud users.

What Can Enterprise-Grade GPUs Do For Your Business?

Big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and so much more in the world of cloud computing have benefited from the power of enterprise-grade GPUs. Enterprise-grade GPUs have the ability to process large amounts of data with ease, increase productivity, and even reduce overall costs.

Process Large Amounts Of Data Faster

With the evolution of GPUs, it is now possible to process hundreds of thousands of minuscule programs at the same time. This is a game-changer for any business that works with big data and may be struggling to manage the sheer influx of information. With enterprise-grade GPUs, it is now possible to interpret significant amounts of data in a matter of minutes. Meaning that tasks that once took several days are reduced substantially.


Reduced Cloud Computing Costs

Another major benefit of enterprise-grade GPUs is that they are able to help businesses with their bottom line. As mentioned above, GPUs have the power to streamline processes. You can cut down on data processing time, and interpret copious amounts of information faster than ever. This can have a powerful impact on overall business costs. Faster turn around time empowers businesses to take advantage of new opportunities. All the while still consuming less energy than traditional CPUs. When it comes to having a positive impact on the overall costs of your business, it is worth reviewing if GPUs might be the solution that you have been looking for.

Leverage Architecture To Power Your Cloud

Take advantage of being able to access data quickly at your fingertips without causing any noticeable time lapses between tasks. In industries that work closely with big data and artificial intelligence, leveraging the power of an enterprise-grade GPU can make all the difference. From making better use of caches to registering files seamlessly, GPUs utilize hardware in a way that increases high-powered performance. These can be scaled up or down to suit a wide range of individual data processing needs.

When it comes to harnessing the power of enterprise-grade GPUs it is evident that they have the power to substantially impact your business. From improved operations to seamless data processing, there are many reasons why GPUs can benefit your business. We at VEXXHOST offer enterprise-grade GPU instances on our OpenStack based public and private clouds. With the power of NVIDIA accelerators, we are able to support a diverse cloud workload to suit a wide variety of needs.

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