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Energy Efficient Cloud Computing for a Brighter Future

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Optimal use of resources while conserving energy is the sign of a healthy cloud. Go for an energy-efficient cloud infrastructure for better environmental impact.

The exponential growth of cloud computing has led to the setup of data centers all over the world. This growth has caused a rapid increase in energy consumption. At the rate at which each industry is expanding and adopting cloud technology, the rate of energy consumption is to have adverse environmental impacts. Energy-efficient cloud computing showcases a promising future for all.

Policy implementation to curtail the usage of energy that increases one's carbon footprint is necessary. Specific industries and technology companies are already partaking in the initiative. They do so by placing a cap on their per annum energy consumption. Not to mention, efforts are being taken place for green computing as well.

What is green cloud computing?

The conscious decision to utilize cloud and associated resources in a manner to consume energy efficiently is green cloud computing. The idea behind the initiative is to control carbon emissions and optimize a product's lifetime.

Energy Saving Factors

One of the main ways cloud providers can cut down on energy consumption is through saving energy from their data centers. Data centers play a significant role in the reduction of energy consumption as they are also the leading powerhouse for cloud resources. That might sound like an oxymoron, but several methods can make this a reality.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

The total amount of energy used by an entire facility must be more or less equal to the energy required to power your IT equipment. This formula keeps PUE under acceptable levels. If PUE is under control, it means there is no waste of any excess energy.

Types Of Facility

The data center facility and its components determine the amount and rate of energy consumption. Since data centers store massive servers that are continuously running, heat generation is high within the facility. Installations of cooling mechanisms are to keep the servers functioning smoothly and efficiently. These mechanisms are themselves a primary source of energy consumption. Thus, the right method which conserves energy while also cooling servers, is imperative.

Benefits of Green Cloud Architecture

Going green is not only good for the environment but also easy on your pocket. Opting for IaaS helps reduce cost by not having to manage and maintain resources all on your own. Your company is not weighed down by infrastructure concerts. Instead, you can make more money by focussing on core business operations.

Moreover, a green cloud environment will only be more lucrative. Saving on energy consumption cuts down on overall server management and maintenance costs. Additionally, with better server performance, there is reduced cost for repairs too.

Your Data Center equals Your IT Footprint

Energy-efficient computing is now part of most business mandates. Data centers are set up just on the pretence of high performance, whereas energy efficiency does not get enough attention.

We at VEXXHOST are environmentally conscious and only provide what is best for all our consumer. Our data centers in both the Montreal and Santa Clara region are energy efficient and practice sustainability. Our Montreal region powered by hydroelectricity and abundant free cooling records a lower consumption of 1.2 PUE. The Santa Clara region also optimizes IT footprint through liquid cooling in place for modern servers.

If you are looking for a public cloud service provider that also ensures minimal data center waste through energy-efficient architecture, then VEXXHOST is what you need. Learn all about our OpenStack public cloud service and sign up for seamless cloud services!

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