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Edge Computing and Truths Behind Its Rapid Advance - Part 1

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Edge computing and related technology are showing rapid growth happening right in front of us. What are the truths or trends behind this advance? Read more.

There are a lot of discussions and innovations around Edge Computing these days. It's not surprising considering how fast and dynamically the technology is growing. What makes this possible?

If you look closely at the history of computing, you notice that there's always a cycle of centralization and distribution. For instance, cloud computing can be seen as a centralized model since its operations are based on a central hub. In the case of edge computing, the processing happens on the edges of the network. Hence, edge technology comes under the distributed category.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the prospects and challenges of edge computing. Edge technology has a wide range of applications, from drone technology to mobile devices to remote offices, and so on. There is rapid growth happening right in front of us. What are the truths or trends behind this advance? Let us examine.

Internet of Things (IoT)

From automobiles to home appliances, there are a plethora of everyday things that use internet connectivity these days. There are also various internet-connected devices used by industries as well. Known as the Internet of Things (IoT), the data generated from these devices is growing rapidly and creating a strain on networking and storage infrastructure, especially the centralized models.

Edge computing has become a solution to this problem as through edge, data from IoTs can be processed easily without the need to use higher bandwidths for transmission. With edge, the entire operation also reduces cost.

Remote Offices

It seems weird to say it out loud, but the current COVID-19 pandemic boosted Edge computing. With many employees working from home using a variety of machines, there is a lot of data processing and analysis that happens from these remote offices. This can be considered as an application of edge technology.

The 'new normal' has been established, and many jobs will continue to be online even after the pandemic. Hence, edge computing will continue growing strong through this.

Artificial Intelligence and Related Analytics

AI technology is climbing heights that never seemed possible a decade or two ago. Many organizations have adopted AI into their business. One of such use cases is analytics powered by AI and Machine Learning. Initially, companies only used their AI-powered analytics to process business data. With changing trends, operational data also became part of this, and recently, a growing percentage of this processing is being done using edge technology.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR tools require high graphic processing capabilities to provide immersive reality experiences for users. Powerful GPUs are capable of making this possible. But, if the GPUs are in a cloud environment, it could cause latency issues and result in a lesser immersive experience. Edge technology has a great application here. There are AR/VR sets with in-built GPUs handling the necessary graphics, and the technology is seeing many advancements.

Automated Objects and Smart Cities

The different worlds that we see in science fiction, with automated technology for most things, is slowly but steadily becoming a reality around us. Drones, robots, infrastructure, and devices powered by AI are increasing in number. Governments are slowly adopting such futuristic technology into their policymaking, creating smart communities and cities.

It is only natural that Edge computing is part and parcel of this evolution. Edge technology enables the processing and storage of data on these devices and touchpoints. Who knows, maybe there are Smart Nations on the horizon. If so, be sure that edge computing will be a solid player there as well.

So far, we've seen five major truths or trends contributing to the growth of edge computing. There are a few more players on the block - watch this space to know what they are.

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