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Digital Transformation Projects - How to Be Ready for Adoption

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Digital transformation projects should focus on comprehensive strategies that can adapt to changes. What else should enterprises keep in mind?

Enterprises are implementing digital transformation projects faster than ever before. The mass shift to work from home practices and regulations in services has accelerated this transition. However, the increased pace does not mean that the process is easy for enterprises.

A successful digital transformation project isn't just limited to adopting new technology. To gain a competitive advantage among peers, companies should focus on a wholesome strategy that is flexible enough to adapt to recent changes in technology and business. In this context, let us glance at some of the crucial factors that help enterprises better prepare for comprehensive digital adoption.

Knowing the Reasons Behind

Why does your firm need a digital transformation project? What benefit will it herald compared to the existing or traditional structure? Is there a change in business goals once the transformation is complete? Will the user experience improve for the better? All of these concerns should be answered during the strategy phase. Here are some pointers to look out for:

  • The project lets the enterprise innovate
  • It boosts overall efficiency
  • It brings long-term cost-efficiency
  • It creates value for all stakeholders

People-Oriented Digital Transformation Projects

One of the key things to any transformation should be the people involved. How do the changes affect the overall workstyle? It is crucial to get everyone on board with the digital transformation project from the beginning. This step can avoid a lot of confusion and steep learning curves at later stages. It will also help get inputs from employees/customers etc., as to what changes they would like to see happen to the system.

Provide Learning Opportunities

As your enterprise gets prepared to implement the digital transformation project, it is crucial to establish proper training protocols for the employees and third-party associates. Some of them would also be willing to undergo additional training to take up advanced roles in terms of the technology involved. Plan ahead to understand the skillsets people need to thrive in the new environment and establish steps to ensure that.

Digital Transformation via Cloud Computing

Companies with traditional working models realize that such solutions are not viable to facilitate remote working operations and new business goals. And thus, they have begun looking for digital transformation projects. One of the popular tools in such transformations is cloud solutions. According to the nature of operations and the level of security and data regulations in place, businesses chose between public, private, or hybrid clouds. From agriculture to gaming to fintech, enterprises and organizations belonging to various industries operate with reliable and scalable cloud services to store, process, and manage their operations.

At VEXXHOST, we specialize in OpenStack-based cloud solutions, serving clients from small businesses to governmental organizations. For many of our clients, private clouds are the preferred choice because of their highly scalable and secure nature. Our Openstack-based clouds also ensure that customers are not faced with unnecessary licensing fees or vendor lock-ins on their clouds.

Speaking of private clouds, you can now run on a fully agile and customized cloud from VEXXHOST, with no licensing fees and smooth 2-week migration. In fact, we're ready to put our money where our mouth is. We're so confident in being able to save you at least 20% or more on your current cloud infrastructure expenditure that if proven wrong- we'll give you $1,000 credit to our public cloud.

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