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Custom PHP configuration from cPanel (php.ini, .htaccess)

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Our new unique PHP configuration feature is completely unique and only available to vexxhost's clients. It has been developed by our own developers and tested for hours till it was deployed. It consists of multiple features that make modifying PHP settings very user friendly and easier than with any other web hosting company, therefore, using less time from you.

We have kept our previous feature where you could change your PHP version; you can either stay with the system default PHP version that depends on the main server settings that can be either PHP4 or PHP5, or you can force using a specific PHP version such as PHP4 or PHP5 for your account. This is a feature that all other web hosts have right now but we developed it and changed it to be better than any other web host.

We have created a new feature to activate/deactivate any modules from your PHP install on the fly as well as change any settings, you can enable custom configurations on specific directories as well as the ability to set it so that the configuration is recursively enabled to all directories below it. Multiple modules could be activated from FFMPEG-PHP to security modules such as IonCube, PHPshield & Zend Optimizer.

Any PHP setting can be modified from that same page by each directory specifically, popular variables such as register_globals that are very script dependent and upload_max_filesize that usually needs to be raised for special FFMPEG web hosting sites. This makes modifying PHP configurations a breeze compared to any other web hosting company.

With regular web hosting companies, you need to either make some modifications (or create) a php.ini file in a specific directory or make modifications to the .htaccess directory, while that sounds very easy to do, it is very time consuming for clients who need to have their web site up as soon as possible, which is why our service is perfect for you as changing variables is as easy as changing a text field and pressing a button instead of having to fiddle with files and configuration lines.

This solution is unique and has been created by our own staff, at the moment, no other web hosting company has a PHP configuration manager as advanced as ours and that permits you to make the most advanced configuration changes while at the same time being very simple and usable by anyone that does not want to get involved with plenty of configuration files.

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