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Crucial Considerations to Have in Kubernetes and Container Security

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Kubernetes and container security have gained a lot of prominence with both platforms' broad appeal as revolutionary tech. Read on

Kubernetes and container security have gained a lot of prominence with both platforms' broad appeal as revolutionary tech. Their ability to package applications and dependencies into single, promotable images from development to test and production have played a significant part in the growth mentioned above.

Containers ensure consistency across environments (or make it easy) and can handle the likes of physical servers, VMs, and private or public clouds. With the help of container technology such as Kubernetes and Docker, teams can rapidly develop and manage applications delivering business agility.

Kubernetes and Container Security: Considerations

There are several considerations to have when managing deployments at scale while ensuring Kubernetes and container security. Here are some of them.

  • The hosts where containers are to be deployed
  • The capacity of the hosts
  • Monitoring container health
  • Accessibility and discovery protocols between the containers
  • Controlling network and storage access and management with regard to shared resources
  • Enabling developer self-service while adhering to the relevant security requirements
  • Automatically scalability of applications to meet fluctuating demands

Steps Toward Security

For cloud-native deployments such as Kubernetes and containers, building security into applications is a crucial factor. Securing your such requires some steps to be followed. Here is a glance.

  • Using enterprise container registries
  • Adopting reliable container content
  • Controlling and automating container builds
  • Integrating security protocols within application pipelines

Adequate security of deployments includes securing the Kubernetes and container platforms and the automation deployment policies. Here are some capabilities that can come in handy.

  • Access and identity management
  • Platform configurations
  • Life cycle management
  • Automating policy-based deployments
  • Ensuring platform data and attached storage security

Aside from the infrastructure, application security maintenance is critical as well. To secure containerized applications, associated teams need to ensure:

  • Application and network isolation
  • Container isolation
  • Observability
  • Securing application access

Application and microservice deployments are not just about the container and Kubernetes security. The chosen container platform has to offer an experience that is ideal for the developing and operating teams. Companies need security-focused, container-based, and enterprise-grade, application platforms allowing developers and operators to not compromise on the functions required. They should also improve operational efficiency and infrastructure utilization within organizations and their product cycles.

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