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Could Application Technical Debt be Getting in Your way?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Don't let application technical debt keep your organization from its goal and true potential. Start tackling application modernization today!

Having the ability to invest and move forward can be an impossible task if your budgets are still paying for outdated plans and technology. This isn't uncommon for many organizations that have at one point or another opted for a cheaper, quicker solution instead of the one that was the right fit. Decisions such as these lead to what is known as technical debt and the result is having IT environments laden with a mixture of both old and new cloud and on-premise solutions that don't stem from one particular architecture.

Tell-Tale Signs

Scaling is a Challenge

If you're having difficulty scaling to meet performance requirements, application technical debt could be to blame. While your in-use applications might be doing the job within your current environment, they're probably not digitally optimized. This means that you're missing out, not just on performance, but agility and scalability as well, leaving your business to face all kinds of limitations.


Security Threats are Prevalent

Using outdated technology and muddled systems means that often times your organization is susceptible to cybersecurity threats due to the unavoidable security flaws. The burden of application technical debt places your and your team in a position where the tools and resources required to anticipate such threats are out of scope.

Data Integration Feels Impossible

The ability for businesses to integrate not just across themselves, but also with their partners and customers is growing in importance, becoming a standard expectation. However, where data is concerned, it can already be considered a must, regardless of where your data and applications reside and the headache associated with application technical debt can have a huge influence on your organizations capacity to do so.

How to Bounce Back

Make use of Application Modernization

Just because your IT environment is holding you back, doesn't mean that it can't be repurposed and made functional again. This is the main use case for application modernization; the consolidation and repurposing of legacy software. By taking this approach, organizations can not only improve their current technology but also better plan for any future technology as well, ultimately allowing them to architect for their future goals and furthering their ability to adapt to the ever-changing tech scene.

Team up With a Partner

The good news is that because application technical debt is a common struggle felt by organizations, it is also a challenge that IaaS providers, like VEXXHOST, are familiar and adept at dealing with. With VEXXHOST, you'll find a true partner who is highly experienced in working with cloud infrastructures in various states and is invested in delivering on your desired outcomes.

Through VEXXHOST's management, support, and consultation offerings, application technical debt doesn't have to stand in the way of your organization's movement towards application modernization. Contact us today and let us help you make the most of your infrastructure!

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