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Come See VEXXHOST in Atlanta for AnsibleFest!

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With the month of September flying by, we're quickly approaching this year's AnsibleFest. As one of the conferences Gold sponsors, we couldn't be more excited! This open source event is being put together by Red Hat, sponsors of the Ansible project, and will be taking place starting September 24th through September 25th at the Hilton Hotel in Downtown Atlanta.

What We'll Be Up To

During the operating hours of the Open Lounge, you will find the VEXXHOST team at our booth, number 104. We will be giving away a variety of collectible, themed stickers and pins, in addition to other fun swag items.

You can also find us during the scheduled Happy Hour that takes place on Tuesday at 4:45 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. and Wednesday at 4:15 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Our CEO, Mohammed Naser, can also be found around the conference and will be giving a presentation during the breakout sessions under the Ansible Integrations track. We've captured all the details for you below:

Stop Merging Broken Code

Arguably, current CI tools are only capable of running tests, providing the resulting feedback and little else. These tools, built with the singular purpose of testing changes before and after merging, mean that while the feedback cycle is good prior to the merge, any jobs running post merge are at risk of breaking without your knowledge. Enter Zuul, an effective, modern, project gating CI system. Zuul makes use of Ansible and performs outside the scope of simple CI, featuring a cross-dependency testing system as well. Attend this breakout session to learn more about the Zuul project.

Here at VEXXHOST, we can't wait for AnsibleFest and we hope that you'll be joining us on September 24th for this incredible open source event in Atlanta! Don't forget to grab your tickets if you haven't already! To do so, simply click this link and complete the registration process.

How to Up Your DevOps Game with Project Gating: Zuul - A CI/CD Gating Tool

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