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CloudConsole Update: Faster & Cleaner User Interface

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Over the past few weeks, we have announced a few big changes to our cloud-based infrastructure services such as the rollout of public-key security across our entire infrastructure in order to increase security and the release of IPv6 across our entire infrastructure to help increase the adoption of IPv6 worldwide.

Today, we are announcing a big cloud console update which speeds up our control panel significantly and helps standardize the infrastructure that we offer to our customers. This new control panel makes everything more accessible and easier to use. Our new control panel is built following the Google Material standards which provide a very smooth and pleasant user experience while maintaining simplicity to make it easy for you to manage your infrastructure.

In addition, we have also made backend changes so that the new control panel talks directly to our OpenStack Public Cloud via the APIs. This means that we can deliver a far more clean integration, faster performance due to removed layers of complexity between our control panel and API and higher stability by removing a moving piece from our control panel (without impacting user experience). Again, the control panel is made following the Google Material standards that provide easier use for every user and makes everything more simple. The new control panel makes it easier for all of our users to manage their infrastructure.

We will continue to work hard in order to provide the best OpenStack experience available on the market. Therefore, you should expect even better features on the way! The backend changes which are being done will allow us to offer our simple and easy-to-use the portal to our private cloud customers as well in the close future. Again, this big CloudConsole update truly helps to speed up everything and helps standardize the infrastructure which makes everything a very smooth and pleasant user experience, while maintaining simplicity to make it easy for you to manage your infrastructure.

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