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Cloud Storage APIs - An Infographic Overview

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Cloud Storage APIs form a major portion of application programming interfaces and are seeing steady development. Here is a closer look.

Cloud Storage APIs - An Infographic Overview

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have their presence all over the web world. Cloud Storage APIs form a major portion of these and are seeing steady development. To be more specific, web APIs permit applications to access data and services from elsewhere.

A vast amount of web content is based on combining data from multiple online sources. They used to be called 'mashups' and were very popular for a brief while. Now, APIs are leading in this context and redefining the current IT infrastructure. Here is a closer look.

What Is Cloud Storage API?

What is meant by storage APIs? There is some debate about it but in the most basic terminology - APIs are code allowing software and applications to connect with each other. Storage APIs could be the ones offered by storage array makers with the objective of exposing product or software monitoring and control. It could also be referred to as the localStorage web development interface permitting applications based on browsers in retaining data locally. Although, this is considered not so secure from a security perspective.

But, in a cloud-specific context, Storage APIs mean APIs that provide third-party storage services that application developers can connect to using code.

Types of Cloud Storage APIs

There are three major types of cloud storage APIs. They are:

  1. Connecting to cloud drive and file sync services
  2. Connecting web applications to storage from cloud providers
  3. Allowing usage of services like data lakes, databases, and data warehouses

Important Use Cases

Cloud Storage APIs are used in a wide range of scenarios across various industries. It is important to note that numerous small and medium enterprises (SMEs) benefit from the application of such APIs.

The major use cases include:

  • Drive storage and productivity for apps and connected services.
  • Create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) data, predominantly using HTTP tools
  • Access documents, spreadsheets, calendars, files, analytics, etc.
  • Connect to storage capacity from the cloud provider using APIs - mainly, object storage - to use and manipulate data as needed
  • Access to SQL and NoSQL databases and other high-level services (data lakes, warehousing, etc.)

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