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Cloud Sites Update: New Control Panel & Faster MySQL

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

We have been working hard for the past few months in order to improve our cloud site service. We are happy to announce a few cloud sites updates that have been available for the past few weeks. Therefore, the new features are officially fully deployed and implemented for all customers effective today.

New Control Panel

As a cPanel NOC partner, we are always happy to work with them on new developments and bring the latest stable technologies across to all of our customers. For the past year, cPanel has been hard at work on building a new, simple and easy to use updated interface.

We are happy to announce that our cloud sites service now uses the latest Paper Lantern theme, customized for our service. You will be able to find all the same tools which you had with our previous theme in the same place, but with a much easier and better looking interface.

As we have continue to work with cPanel, we appreciate any sort of feedback about this new theme. Therefore, please feel free to contact our support team with any feedback and we will pass it on to the cPanel team and we will try work and help improve your cloud sites experience!

Faster MySQL Databases

Over the past few years, there has been quite a lot of developments around MySQL, different forks which came out such as Percona and MariaDB. We have been keeping an eye out at finding the best solution, which can provide the best performance for our cloud sites.

After testing many different database servers, we have came to the conclusion that MariaDB 10.0 provides the best performance overall without causing any issues on existing websites, it has also helped reduce load on our servers significantly, which indirectly results in an increase in your website performance.

You do not have to make any changes to your service in order to get access to the cloud sites updates, as you have automatically been upgraded and your database runs on our new MySQL service from now on.

If you are interested in reading our other blog posts, you can always check them out on our website. If you have questions, please feel free to communicate with us through our Contact Us page. One of our support team members will be more than happy to assist you.

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