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Cloud Reseller Modules & APIs Launched

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

This offer has expired!

We no longer offer web hosting services. Fortunately, we do have reseller partnerships under which we build a private cloud for companies that can resell it as a public cloud to their customers. If you are interested, you can get started by viewing the details on our consulting page and contact us for further information.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

After months of development and weeks of private testing with select customers, we are happy to announce the launch of our cloud reseller API and modules! The initial launch of our modules includes a WHMCS module that allows any company to offer our cloud servers in a fully white-label environment. It includes a lot of useful features, however, to name the most important ones:

  • cPanel Servers
    With our cloud server reseller system, hosting companies are able to offer servers with cPanel included at an extremely competitive price. As a cPanel authorized partner, we have access to extremely aggressive pricing on cPanel licenses, allowing hosting companies to offer cPanel based servers to all of their customers at an extremely competitive rate.
  • Windows Servers
    As a long time partner in Microsoft's Service Provider License Agreement program, we have access to very low pricing for leasing Windows Server licenses. Hosting companies can pass on that low pricing onto their customers in order to convert more sales and start offering Windows based servers without entering any long-term agreements or commitments.
  • Redundant Cloud Platform
    Our infrastructure has been designed and tweaked to perfection by numerous engineers, allowing all the components in it to work perfectly together. It has taken us years to get to the level of correct and proper, redundant and self-healing infrastructure that hosting companies can leverage and get started on at no cost at all.
  • Aggressive Pricing
    The pricing that is offered to our resellers is extremely aggressive and hosting companies will have no problems offering an extremely competitive price in the market. With such a big cloud infrastructure, we are able to have access to hardware and resources at a much lower rate. Hosting companies can leverage an existing time-tested platform with no upfront fees at all, saving thousands of dollars in investments.
  • Full Program Setup Assistance
    For each reseller that we setup, we give full assistance in the entire process of getting started. From the setup of the initial control panel to assistance of setting up a customized order form, similar to the one offered on our website, in order to help convert sales. Hosting companies will be dealing with one dedicated account manager that will always stay updated with them and which they can contact at anytime.
  • WHMCS module
    We also offer a full WHMCS module, included for free, which we can install for hosting companies, or that they can install themselves. It automatically sets up everything in order to use the automation of WHMCS and it will automatically provision, terminate, suspend, unsuspend and renew accounts in the reseller system. Hosting companies don't have to do anything but setup the pricing for your service.
  • Full Control Panel
    With all of our billing system modules, we include a full version of our control panel that can be customized using templates. It offers all features of our control panel, including firewall management, console access, full power control, password resets, activity logs and performance graphs, all included for no costs and fully white-labeled. We are extremely happy and we have seen a high satisfaction rate with the select clients that were testing our reseller environment that uses WHMCS, we have tested it extensively and hosting companies can easily get started, today, for free with no commitments or hidden fees. For hosting companies that are interested about this offer, you can read more about our cloud servers reseller or you can get started today by contacting us!

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