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Let's Talk Cloud Professional Services

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Cloud professional services can be availed through the internet and they can include consulting, training, upgrades, data backups, and recovery.

Cloud professional servicesCloud professional services involve a multitude of offerings from the cloud computing industry. These services and offerings are available to end-users through the internet. They can include consulting, training, upgrades, data backups, recovery, and more. The demand and importance of these services have been growing steadily over time. Moreover, they are only estimated to continue to grow.

The market value in 2019 was at $21.5 billion USD. It expects to grow to $57.54 billion USD by 2025. That's a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.76% during the next five years. Moreover, businesses are placing a larger emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) for digital transformation initiatives and this is only assumed to create even more innovative opportunities for cloud services.

Furthermore, growth in cloud professional services goes far beyond North America. Even though at this moment North America is still currently the largest market for cloud professional services, there is rapid growth in the Asia Pacific region. Two of the world's largest economies, China and India, expect to be two of the fastest-growing regions.

We're here today to give you an overview of cloud professional services, why they're estimated to grow and what are some of the hurdles they may experience along the way. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Cloud Professional Services Are Optimizing For Growth

Thanks to these services users are now able to take advantage and deploy various types of cloud services. The power of the cloud can influence IT transformations, give users better flexibility to create their own cloud solution and work with varied infrastructure solutions to get their cloud off the ground. Furthermore, cloud professional services give businesses the opportunity to stay relevant in a rapidly changing IT environment. When businesses are able to meet new requirements with speed and agility they are optimizing themselves for growth and success.

What Are Some Hurdles

One of the major hurdles faced is that in increased demand in a service-oriented economy, there is a lack of skilled professionals to take on the role. It may be difficult for businesses to find the right fit for their IT departments when it comes to deploying a cloud. When it comes to difficulty sourcing the right professional services to manage your cloud it may be worth considering a fully managed solution.

Cloud vendors, such as VEXXHOST, offer fully managed services that give businesses the flexibility to focus on other workloads. From upgrades, updates to bug fixes and more, a fully managed private cloud mean that VEXXHOST does the heavy lifting.

Cloud professional services are a force of business transformation for this modern age. Choosing to implement these services empowers companies to become more competitive and surpass many barriers within their industry. Does your business or enterprise want to stay competitive in a rapidly changing IT environment? Contact the experts at VEXXHOST to learn more about our cloud professional services and private cloud offerings.

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