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Is The Cloud Good For Open Source?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

As both open source and cloud computing continue to grow, there's a shared community of open source cloud users that thrive from this.

Is cloud computing good for open source? Or is open source good for cloud computing? At first, it may seem like an obvious answer to both questions. Open source and cloud computing have both grown to the extent that it's common practice to use both together as an open source cloud infrastructure. Some even argue that one could not have grown to the same degree without the other. But are they mutually beneficial?

We're here to analyze why the cloud is good for open source, why open source is good for the cloud and what the future holds for both. As both open source and cloud computing continue to innovate and grow, there's a shared community that thrives from these developments.

Is the Cloud Good For Open Source?

Is the cloud good for open source? We would have to say yes! There are many open source organizations that have embraced cloud computing with open arms as a way to monetize their open source offerings. There is an undeniably strong trend towards enterprise infrastructure and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore it's definitely worth combining the power of the cloud with the accessibility of open source. Think about it this way, if you're operating a data center you'll most probably be using an open source operating system, database, and other aspects. It only makes sense to utilize the power of the cloud with open source.

Is Open Source Good For The Cloud?

If we are looking at the situation from the perspective of cloud providers, organizations and enterprises there are a lot of benefits for the open source cloud infrastructure. It's important to note that cloud technologies are still constantly evolving. Furthermore, the emphasis on community and collaboration is something that has definitely influenced both the cloud and open source as they grew together over time.

It's also important to mention that new services based on developing non-proprietary technology are only growing. This is a huge opportunity for cloud providers to work with open source and continue their close relationship.

Future Predictions For The Cloud And Open Source

We've seen first hand the positive impact of the cloud on open source and vice verse. Keeping that in mind there are many obvious incentives for increasing collaboration between non-proprietary software and the cloud. As the use of open source software and cloud computing continues to rise in the future, it only makes sense that their combined growth will be better fostered together.

We at VEXXHOST are excited to continue to watch cloud computing and the open source movement continues to thrive and grow together in the years to come.

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