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The Impact of Cloud-based Collaboration Tools in Education

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Cloud-based collaboration tools are creating a great impact on the education industry now. Here is a look at the impact and various benefits. Read more.

Cloud-based collaboration tools have existed for a while in education, but it was slow progress. But the past year saw a dramatic change in the situation. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a scenario where institutions had no choice but to adopt such solutions to enable learning. It has been a challenging year, but the education industry, among others, have shown us that with enough will and resiliency, humanity will still find a way.

In this context, here's a look at how collaboration and productivity tools have impacted the industry. We will also look at the various advantages they bring in.

Pandemic-era Education and Benefits of Cloud-Based System

One of how the education industry overcame the challenge is through the emphasis and implementation of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools. Even before the pandemic, the industry's business prediction for online education has been $350 billion by 2025. We are certain that the figure has changed by a significant percentage over the past year.

The pandemic also brought about a rise in investment into better technological research and innovations within education. The investment in EdTech just within the first half of 2020 was estimated at $4.5 billion. With vaccine development and distribution on the way, educational institutions will get back to operations, but cloud-based learning and collaboration tools will still have a major role to play.

Moving from a traditional educational and IT infrastructure system was challenging for many educational institutions and related companies. Once they have made the switch, these organizations are reaping the various benefits of having a cloud-based system to facilitate learning. Here is a glance at some of the benefits.

  • Ease of Accessibility: users can access resources and materials at their location and time of convenience.
  • Improved data storage: cloud systems provide a flexible data storage system that doesn't limit storage and access to one physical location.
  • Scalability: institutions can scale their operations up or down as required and do not have to waste infrastructure resources
  • Cost Savings: since the cloud provider handles most infrastructure management and maintenance, there are long-term cost savings for institutions.
  • Secure data management: most cloud systems come with advanced security, backup, and recovery features that protect the data better. Applications of Cloud-based Collaboration Tools in Education

Cloud-based collaboration tools are now being used to facilitate everything from everyday learning processes to large scale conferences in the educational sector. Governments and other large institutions invested in education also encouraging the use of such tools and seeing them transition into the future of learning. Here are some applications of cloud-based collaboration tools in current education all over the world.

  • Remote learning is now possible with several students, regardless of their location
  • Artificial Intelligence is used to transform learning experiences
  • Better student-teacher interactions and feedback mechanisms are in place
  • Collaborations between students on group projects are now easier with advanced tools
  • Students and instructors have now got improved resource access, often facilitated by the collaborative tools themselves.
  • A more individualized approach in education
  • Evolution into a more comprehensive and modern learning environment VEXXHOST Private Cloud for Educational Enterprises

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