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Bare Metal Cloud vs. Dedicated Servers - A Comparison

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Bare metal cloud or dedicated servers - what is the best choice? Are they different? If so, how are they different? Read to know more.

Bare metal cloud or dedicated servers - what is the best choice? Are they different? If so, how are they different? There is a prevalent confusion on these server types among many people who plan to adopt them for their organizations. Here is an attempt to define them briefly and differentiate the server types.

Defining Dedicated Servers and Bare Metal Cloud

Dedicated servers are computing machines that have physical components such as processors, RAM, and storage. They are usually hosted in data centers or on-premise. Users have maximum flexibility with them on hardware customization, but they are time and resource-intensive to maintain for many small to medium enterprises.

Bare metal cloud servers have a similar dedicated nature to users. However, they are still part of a public cloud server system, where the user accesses the server space and hardware via the service of a cloud provider. Unlike a regular public cloud, there is no virtualization layer for bare metal clouds unless specifically requested by the user. In short, bare metal servers are essentially dedicated servers with a cloud model delivery.

What are the other differences between both models? Here's an overview:

Scalability: Even though both delivery models can scale both vertically and horizontally, the processes are different. Dedicated servers call for more human intervention, whereas bare metal servers can be easily or automatically scaled.

Deployment: Similar to scalability, dedicated servers are heavily reliant on manual implementations for deployment. Often, the processes can take weeks or even months, depending on the availability of the hardware and other infrastructure and personnel requirements. For bare metal cloud, the services from the provider pretty much automate the deployment and upgrades for the users.

Performance: Since there are no virtualization layers that consume processing power in both bare metal cloud and dedicated servers, both models deliver exceptional performance corresponding to the hardware they are based on.

Pricing: Bare metal cloud comes with a pay-as-you-go subscription pricing model. For dedicated servers, the model is of monthly or yearly payments or long-term contracts. Bare metal clouds are preferred by many due to their optimal resource utilization.

In conclusion, while both models have their merits according to individual use cases, bare metal clouds are preferred by many modern enterprises because they are flexible and bring the advantages of both dedicated environments and virtual cloud environments.

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