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Backlinks on Free high page rank directories

Posted on Monday, September 4, 2006

Getting traffic to new websites was always hard thing to do. Waiting for site to be indexed and getting high position on google and others “big” search engines takes months, but there are some things that help you with this. One thing is good website (well optimized, valid, made for spiders…) and the other thing is getting a lot of quality backlinks and one of “backlink” possibilities are directories. Finding a directories with high page rank (PR) is not very hard but unfortunately most of the require payment for submision. Deffinitly biggest and best two directories are two PR9 directories DMOZ and YAHOO but reviewing on those two websites can take months sometimes might even take a year. There are many others free high PR directories but it is very hard to find them.

So what does a backlink do ? Backlink specialy will first provide you with traffic from that website, second it will bring crawlers to your site so your website will have much better chance to be indexed by google or any other search engine and third thing is that it will improve your PR which will get you higher position on search engines and so more traffic. A guy once made a research where he showed how many links and what PR should they be to make your PR higher. So if you want PR5 for example you would need 101 PR5 links or 19 PR5 links… So getting few links from web directories with high PR might improve your PR drasticly. So here are the links to some PR7+ free web directories: PR9 PR9 PR8 PR8 PR8 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7

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