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The Role of AI in Cloud Computing

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

AI is at the forefront of scientific research and its progress also complements the growth of cloud computing, read along to see the part played by AI.

The buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) is soaring and now we are all familiar with the simulated intelligence of machines. AI is at the forefront of scientific research and its progress also complements the growth of cloud computing. There are multiple ways in which AI integrates with the cloud and each method enhances the performance and efficiency of the cloud.

The seamless flow of AI and cloud technology resources make the blend of the two resources part of our daily lives, for example, through digital assistants. Whereas on a large scale this blend makes organizations more efficient, strategic, and insight-driven.

Artificial Intelligence has many facets like text analytics, machine language translation, speech, and vision that are accessible to developers and can be implemented into development projects. But one facet that evidently impacts cloud computing is machine learning (ML). ML models are generated to tackle large datasets, the kind that is stored in the cloud! Now, let's deep-dive into ways in which AI changes the shape of cloud computing:

Managing the Cloud

AI can be used to monitor core workflows. Business IT teams can, therefore, focus more on the strategic activities of a higher value while AI captures the efficiency of the cloud by managing routine processes. It's been predicted that instances of public and private cloud will soon rely on AI to not only monitor and manage but also self-heal issues.

Processing Data

Cloud computing solutions deploy AI methodology to manage large data repositories. Streamlining of data through AI significantly impacts the ways in which data is updated, managed, and consumed. It makes it easier for institutions such as those in the financial sector, customer service domain to identify high-risk factors and provide real-time data to their clients.

The ease of processing data with AI's assistance has also carved a path for its integration in SaaS solutions. SaaS providers can embed AI tools for the management of large data sets and can go as far as giving suggestions on how to retain and expand the customer base.

Dynamism in Cloud Services

This point somewhat expands on what we have already mentioned above. By now we are all aware of what AI can do in terms of managing and monitoring processes. But it can go a step further from just analysis and actually turn recommendations into actions to optimize your cloud best practices.

Rapid business transformation is a result of the merger between AI and cloud computing. So far, we have established approaches with which AI improves cloud computing services. Apart from that, cloud computing in return enables ease of AI adoption. AI applications are high performance and run on multiple and fast GPUs, making them exorbitant for many organizations. AI as a service in cloud applications makes them more accessible to these businesses and even at more affordable prices. Thus, the benefits of AI that cater to a few are now reaped by the masses through cloud computing.

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