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Achieving Cloud Data Storage Goals Economically

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Data storage is a significant component of cloud services. Let's take a look at how you can enhance the performance of your data in a cost-efficient manner.

Enterprises are steadily shifting their storage from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. According to studies, by 2025, 80% of enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers. Moreover, we are all aware of how fast data generation takes place. Some say it is doubling every two years! Consequently, exponential growth causes peak pricing for data storage and management in the cloud.

As important as it may be to make the most of your data in the cloud, one cannot forget the costs associated with it. Performance of your data must be efficient but cost-effectively. This balance is hard to strike for a lot of businesses. We are here to address this issue and help you find your break-even point.

Cloud Storage Features

Prioritizing the following features will enhance data performance economically:

  1. Deduplication:

Identifying and removing duplicated files by going through block-by-clock files. Making use of this feature is said to reduce storage by 20%-30%. 2. ### Compression:
Depending on the types of files stored, running compression can reduce the required amount of bit rather significantly. Cost reduction on data storage is estimated to be between 50% to 75% because of compression. 3. ### Tiering:
Ageing data that is not used by the organization regularly can be managed through this feature. With tiering, obsolete data is moved to cheaper and slower performance storage to make room for more frequently used and new data on the faster storage resources.

Data Performance Needs

You need to determine the level of performance your business needs from data in the cloud.

Firstly, know the purpose of usage of data, such as daily operations, customer satisfaction, revenue growth etc. This helps figure out capacity and time of data availability and usability.

Secondly, to make the most of data performance, do not lose control of your cloud storage service. It is crucial to have your cloud architecture built to meet specific storage requirements.

Cloud-based workloads designed carefully to meet customer and service load agreements facilitate better resource utilization. A carefully architected cloud storage does not waste any extra resources, therefore, cutting costs. Being aligned with cloud providers that provision storage on-demand is the best-case scenario. Scalability, availability and usability patterns are essential to both data performance and cost-effective storage.

Customize Your Cloud With VEXXHOST

It is daunting to evaluate the many decisions that will play a role in the management of data in the cloud. However, with an understanding of how services and features can reduce the amount of storage needed and improve data performance, organizations can create a reliable and cost-effective cloud environment.

If you are in search of economical cloud deployment with adequate storage features, look no further. VEXXHOST brings to you OpenStack based private cloud service, for your customized cloud experience. Make use of OpenStack projects for excellent storage options while also staying within your budget. Our cloud service comes with different options like fully-managed or one-time deployment, giving you the flexibility to choose the best-suited offering.

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