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5G - Bringing Cloud Computing to Everyone

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

5G is all set to transform connectivity for all, bringing about unprecedented changes to cloud computing and giving everyone access to the cloud!

Fifth-generation of wireless network connectivity is here and is expected to sweep up approximately 20% of the entire mobile traffic equivalent to 1 billion subscribers by 2023. Bringing unprecedented speed and reliability of up to 100 gigabits per second per device and latency as low as 1 millisecond, 5G is all set to transform connectivity for all! Such massive growth and development further indicate the changes that 5G will bring in other parallel industries.

In the cloud computing industry, 5G will create new cloud-based applications and opportunities that are impossible with current network connectivities. Every organization utilizes cloud services regardless of the business size, either for operations or customers offerings or both. Through the increased 5G speed, cloud computing services will be delivered more rapidly and efficiently.

Cloud in IoT

Additionally, the lower latency around 5G promises more elaborate IoT platforms and the creation of new business models around it. Significant improvement in flexibility, functionality and capacity is provided by the combination of cloud computing and 5G connectivity. Mobile network operator IoT service offerings reap these benefits and therefore offer more competitive services that are unmatched by non-cellular IoT network providers.

Cloud Access Everywhere

Furthermore, not only are existing urban areas and long-standing businesses to benefit from the 5G revolution but also rural areas with a poor internet connection. Those of us who log on to our 200Mbps networks often take connectivity for granted, but those deprived of broadband will discover the world of cloud computing for the first time with the onset of 5G. This is where augmented reality, big data and edge computing are going to truly take off. Furthermore, edge computing brings 5G to multiple locations.

Organizations do exist in less populated areas that although making use of IaaS suffer from high data latency because of lack of proper connectivity in their region. The speed and latency reduction promised by 5G also promises wider connectivity to ranges far and wide. Therefore, 5G brings connectivity to remote areas and eliminates bandwidth deserts, freeing business in those regions to now utilize cloud computing services and thrive.

Reaching Enterprise Mobile Customers

The difference in service speed will be witnessed from applications like that of mobile banking to unified communication services We will see mobile cloud applications, from healthcare to banking, become more widely used and efficient after the widespread roll-out of 5G technology. These applications are to see their full potential, with features such as faster and smoother transfers. Larger computing and machine-to-machine communication provided by 5G will inturn provide easy access to virtual machines through mobile devices. This further facilitates flexible remote working opportunities.

Hybrid Cloud Popularity

Enterprises question migrating to a public cloud as they are often sceptical of its security. And considering the existing latency, they do not opt for keeping the data on-premise while running regular operations in the public cloud. Now, if the lack of latency that 5G offers is to be believed, moving to a public cloud for operational purposes while maintaining data on-premise seems like a win-win solution for business. This hybrid cloud strategy not only grants complete control of data to users but also allows them to benefit from the public cloud's scalability. So all those on the fence regarding moving to the public cloud, get going!

It's exciting to see where this breakthrough will take us by dynamically yet securely connecting distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems globally. For many enterprises, 5G couldn't have come quickly enough.

If you can see the impact that 5G is set to make in the cloud computing industry, contact us to get moving cloud ward. VEXXHOST's years of extensive experience in deploying OpenStack Private Clouds worldwide has given us the expertise to guide you in your cloud journey. We currently run the largest OpenStack based Public Cloud in Canada and operate data centers in both the East and West coast of North America. With our widespread connectivity, let's bring you closer to your cloud!

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