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5 Ways to Transform Data Services and Storage

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The data services journey and its delivery begins with transforming existing data storage management and deploying technologies. Read more.

The data services journey and its delivery begins with transforming existing data storage management and deploying technologies. Some questions pop in here - how do you connect current technology trends to business benefits and outcomes?

Transforming Data Services and Storage

Similar to the question mentioned above - another significant element in choosing apt solutions and providers to facilitate a smooth transition. In this context, here are five steps enterprises can take to revamp the approach to data services and managing storage. These steps work as guidelines to further business goals and achieve them.

1. Adapt KPIs That Will Take Business Forward

A helpful strategy is changing the tech team's key performance indicators (KPIs) from usual outcomes and indicators (both infrastructural and internal) to visible and revenue-generating KPIs. This change can be gauged in terms of product delivery speed, employee retention, and promoter scores.

2. Rapid Yet Methodical Process

Immediately apply newly gathered data from analysis into workloads and applications. The transformation should be both quick and organized - the longer companies wait, the more the business gets deprived of potential benefits.

3. Systematic Building of the Platform

Build the platform piece by piece - begin with the data on hand and then consider specific use cases or end-to-end workflow that can create the maximum business output. The systematic building will also help secure more outside attention and improve the scope for growth.

4. Be Ready to Deliver Data Services in Different Models

The data services and storage management foundation has to be strong. Transforming these will mean accepting technologies such as hybrid clouds as storage solutions. This cloud model will help you get technologies, architecture, and infrastructure solutions in sync with the applications and services for your business.

5. Choose the Right Provider

The transformation from a traditional hard/software approach to one set on delivering data services is complicated. So, companies need to ensure that they choose the right provider to help them in the process - some entity capable of navigating the industry's unique challenges. They can help companies find the right solutions and methods for data and storage transformation.

VEXXHOST Cloud Solutions

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