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5 Tips To Improve Your DevOps Cycle

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

It is a myth that DevOps strategies are all about the tools that you use. When actually, it is equal parts of company culture and tools. Company culture is a frequently overlooked factor in DevOps success.

It is essential to know that implementation of DevOps strategies takes place irrespective of the environment your business operates in, whether it is on-premise, hybrid or all in the cloud. The only thing that changes is the speed of delivery. However, cloud-based APIs do accelerate the pace of DevOps.

Tips and Tricks for DevOps

We are more or less familiar with the best cloud practices for the success of your business' DevOps. But how often do you inspect the cultural side of things? Not often enough! Let's take a look at some simple workplace thoughts and strategies that can take your DevOps to new heights:

Skill Development – Keeping your employees that work with both cloud and DevOps technologies up-to-date and well trained with the latest knowledge is vital. The team members should comfortably operate the technology and pass-on expertise to other members of your organization. Invest in human capital for optimal results!

No Vendor Lock-In – To ensure successful DevOps, organizations need to be in a flexible cloud setup. So if there are changes in tools and infrastructure, the cloud environment is agile enough to adapt to it promptly. Getting locked in with one cloud vendor limits your options for the DevOps tools that you can deploy. Moreover, for extra flexibility, you can also consider containers for deployment and management of applications.

Integration – Integration of database development with your DevOps cycle should be a priority. Not to mention, such integration manages delay in application deliveries very well.

Performance Testing – If you are running your operations on the cloud, make performance testing a priority for your organization. This helps monitor resource usage and keep you in check from using more than the required amount.

Commitment – You do not want to be tied down to multiple DevOps cycle when you find out this tool is not the right one for you. Always begin DevOps through a pilot project and make sure to observe the results to know what is the right strategy for your business.

CI/CD Tool For All Your DevOps Needs

The enthusiasm towards DevOps will continue to be on the rise as more and more industries take to application development. No one wants the challenges of security breaches, broken code, delayed releases. Therefore, DevOps has to be a part of your cloud strategy for efficiency.

Are you looking for the right tool to accompany your DevOps cycle? In need of a device that will enhance the process of CI/CD for you? Then we have just the right solution, Managed Zuul. Keep broken code from merging into your main branch through a CI/CD tool fully-managed by us. Make the most of this gating tool with its multiple testing configurations.

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