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5 Business Advantages of Augmented Analytics

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Augmented analytics allows companies to move so much faster and more efficiently than traditional analytic methods. The longer such a strategy is active and the more broadly it is scaled across the organization, the more benefits the business receives. As a result, augmented analytics has become the key differentiator for business intelligence platforms.

Business Advantages of Augmented Analytics

Essentially, augmented analytics uses tools such as machine learning and AI-based processing to improve data analytics, sharing, and business intelligence. The benefits of augmented analytics to companies include:

  • Better decision-making by business users.
  • Broader access to analytics by employees.
  • Helping make companies more agile.

Here is an overview of five of the significant business benefits of augmented reality.

1. Improve Agility for Companies

Becoming a data-driven enterprise requires good, clean data from sources, which is often hard to access. Such a pure and robust database can accelerate many future digital transformation projects for companies. Leveraging augmented analytics builds relationships in the data that usually wouldn't have been considered. Further, it translates into products and their faster development. Companies can achieve the same results via traditional approaches, but it can be incredibly time and resource-consuming, letting companies fall behind in the competition.

2. Improves Access to Analytics

Only a small group of business analysts have leveraged business data to generate intelligence reports with traditional methods. Augmented analytics helps make the technology accessible to a large number of users. Newer augmented analytics tools make analytics easier to perform and view. These features amplify human capabilities using technologies and tools such as machine learning, AI, and natural language processing.

3. Users Get to Make Data-Driven Decisions.

With augmented analytics, many companies saw an increase in requests for access to data and analytics. A prime reason behind this is that it enabled users to make data-driven decisions. When end-users use the analytics results, they get more information about products and features without much business intervention. It also solves many problems and questions for the users.

4. Faster Decision-Making Processes

Executives now don't have to scramble and prepare the data. Now they see the most up-to-date data and make business decisions out of them, saving a lot of time for enterprises themselves, analytics, and users. As a tool, augmented analytics takes away all those menial tasks that people have to do to drive business outcomes.

5. Reduces Enterprise Costs

The use of AI and machine learning to automate the entire process leads to a significant reduction in time and resources spent on analytics. This reflects on costs incurred to companies too. Companies get their analytics done much faster and often in real-time - a win-win for all. Most companies experience an RoI within the first ten years of implementation

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