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4 Perceived Barriers To Implementing Private Cloud

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The team of experts at VEXXHOST is here to highlight 4 perceived barriers to implementing a private cloud solution for your business and how to overcome them.

In today's competitive and rapidly changing IT landscape it's never been more important to stay relevant. While many industries are exploring, making the transition or already using cloud technology, many businesses are hesitant to implement a private cloud. Now is not the time to hesitate when it comes to undertaking a full-scale cloud transformation.

VEXXHOST is here to highlight 4 perceived barriers to implementing private cloud for your business and how to overcome them. From believing false information such as the cloud is insecure to thinking that a private cloud is difficult to maintain, we're here to debunk some misconceptions and help you start your cloud journey.

1. The Cloud Is Insecure

While many decision-makers may believe that the cloud is insecure, this is more myth than based on any fact. That being said, a single-tenant cloud proves to be more secure than traditional IT infrastructure. When you store confidential data in a private cloud it becomes difficult for anyone to target a particular data set. This means that your data is secure and only certain individuals have access to it.

2. The Cloud Suffers From More Security Breaches

Due to high profile security breaches, some believe that the cloud suffers from more security breaches than other IT infrastructure. This perceived barrier could not be more false. When best practices are put into place a private cloud is better protected against security threats. Security policies prevent attacks and detect them before there is any breaches to confidential data. There are no additional threats to a well maintained private cloud than any other form of IT infrastructure.

3. Data Is Secure When It Is Physically Controlled

This is a common misconception when it comes to private clouds. Businesses do not need physical access to their physical infrastructure to ensure security. When you utilize a trusted cloud provider you store your physical infrastructure within their data centers. The security of a data center is highly sophisticated and features security measures like HD cameras, 24/7 security personnel on location and biometric access. This means that even though businesses do not have physical control over their physical infrastructure it doesn't mean that it's not safe and secured.

4. Maintaining Cloud Security Is Too Difficult

This misconception stops many businesses from implementing a private cloud and blocks them from being able to take advantage of the many benefits associated with it. When businesses have the right support in maintaining and upgrading their private clouds it can be a seamless and painless process.

Now that you have the truth behind these four misconceptions, your business is now able to make an educated decision regarding implementing a private cloud. Trust the experts at VEXXHOST to help your business break through barriers and grow with a private cloud. Contact us today to learn more about how a private cloud can give your business the security, agility, and flexibility that you need to thrive.

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