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4 Artificial Intelligence Categories to Discover

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Interest and research into Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rising, with breakthroughs and many new categories of AI. Read on to know more.

Interest and research into Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rising, with significant breakthroughs such as new categories happening all the time. We are yet to see the point when AI transforms to superintelligence though. In this context, here is a look at the four main types of AI.

1. Limited memory machines

AI scientists develop algorithms to imitate the way our brain neurons connect. Deep learning improved various AI capabilities that were much better at absorbing the characteristics of their training data, but more importantly, improving over time. We see the applications in self-driving cars, games, etc.

2. Reactive AI

Early AI algorithms lacked memory and were reactional. The input and output could be similar. But newer models were able to yield great results. They are known as "reactional" or "reactive AI" and can even perform beyond human capacity in specific domains.

3. Theory of mind

Theory of mind capability indicates the AI's ability to attribute mental states to objects. Such AI infers the motives and intents of entities. Emotion AI aims to recognize, simulate, monitor, and respond appropriately to human emotion by analyzing data such as voice, image, etc. However, this capability is still not advanced enough to be an AI possessing theory of mind. The latter can vary its treatment of human beings based on the ability to detect their emotions and understand them.

4. Self-aware AI

Self-aware AI is on par with human intelligence and can mimic our emotions, desires, or needs. This is still a long way into completely self-aware AI. We still haven't figured out our brain fully to create something fully aware of itself.

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