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Conquer the Competition with OpenStack Cloud Whitepaper

You’ve been educating yourself about cloud for what seems like ages, following the news, the success stories, and the opinions and experiences of adopters and service providers. The results are long in: Cloud is faster, more agile, easy-to-manage, and flexible as your organization meets new challenges. Yes, it’s more secure than traditional IT, too, so if you’re waiting to move to the cloud, you have lots of reasons to leap now.

You need IT infrastructure that works now and adapts to the unforeseen changes of the future, and you need it now to get and stay competitive. While cloud growth has been massive year-over-year, you can still get ahead of the curve. But what kind of cloud is right for you? Public, private, hybrid? And which provider is going to give you the most bang for your buck and the individual attention to guide you successfully not just at the start but through your cloud experience.

VEXXHOST breaks it down for you here, and we’ll give you a hint. The foundation of your cloud should be OpenStack. Now let’s explore why.

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