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Get a fully-managed container orchestration engine for deploying and managing containerized applications and workloads. Quick, on-demand access to our CNCF Certified Kubernetes Solution.

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Experience a cohesive Kubernetes cloud with complete portability in applications and DevOps



Get faster productivity for your application development and services with easy deployment, updates, and management.

Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency

Kubernetes automatically determines the necessary application resources (compute, memory, etc.) and schedules instances across the cluster, maximizing efficiency.

Streamline operations

Streamline operations

Kubernetes ensures seamless application releases with automated deployments, monitoring, instance replication, and cluster scheduling.

High availability

High availability

The routine checks from Kubernetes ensure application health, detect unresponsive instances, and replace them if needed.

Scale your applications


Add instances as needed to your app services using Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler and meet changing demands.



Deploy applications anywhere, as VEXXHOST Kubernetes can run across any environment and cloud with Kubernetes support.

Extend your horizon with Kubernetes!

With Kubernetes, the sky is your limit! Push boundaries on what your applications can do using the platform as we foresee all possible use cases and optimize them for you.

web apps

Web apps

Deploy your web applications and release new versions seamlessly using VEXXHOST Kubernetes while benefiting from easy scaling, high availability, and lower costs.


API and backend services

Deploy, scale, and manage the backend services powering your applications using VEXXHOST Kubernetes. With K8s, you get the necessary portability, availability, and efficiency for anything from authentication to message queues to custom app logic.



Manage your development lifecycle by running GitLab core components or Gitlab Runners for easy scaling of build and integration pipeline with VEXXHOST Kubernetes.

Get assistance on anything Kubernetes.

Have queries regarding cloud migration? Or, what the cost structure is like once scaling begins? Schedule a meeting with our expert team and get your questions answered promptly.

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Gain more from many additional features.


Take advantage of fast performance and cost-efficiency as VEXXHOST Kubernetes automatically scale the number of nodes in your clusters.

Full Kubernetes API

As you provision a Kubernetes cluster with VEXXHOST, we spin up a control plane providing an endpoint to use with the kubectl CLI or any other K8s ecosystem tool.

Kubernetes in Minutes

Designed for businesses of all sizes. Start managed Kubernetes even at just $10 per month and scale up. Save better with a free control plane and inexpensive bandwidth.

Managed services

We continuously monitor and manage your Kubernetes Control Plane to ensure uninterrupted accessibility in deploying your cluster.

Open API

Integrate Kubernetes with your existing tools and workflows. The VEXXHOST API eases the ability to create, update, and manage your clusters.

Guided configuration

Connect to your cluster, deploy applications, and add additional resources such storage and load balancers in an easy manner.

Certified Kubernetes

Certified Solution

VEXXHOST is a Silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the governing body behind the Kubernetes Project. VEXXHOST’s Kubernetes solution is certified as part of the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program, meaning you can easily migrate your cluster with us.

Global Availability

With public cloud regions available across multiple regions, you have the ability to spin up Kubernetes clusters in global hubs such as Montreal, Santa Clara, and Amsterdam.


Take Advantage of Kubernetes Tooling


Build advanced applications by running your serverless framework on Kubernetes using small bits of code deployed as resources with automated scaling.

Apache Openwhisk OpenFAAS


Accelerate release lifecycles by running your CI/CD pipeline on VEXXHOST Kubernetes. Iterate faster with swift builds and zero-downtime deployments.

Gitlab logo CircleCI TravisCI


Use metrics, logging and tracing across your service instances to better understand your application.

Prometheus Fluentd Jaeger

Service Mesh

Enable security and traffic policies, monitor and trance service requests, and load balancing without code changes.

Consul Linkerd

Application definition

Streamline installation and management of Kubernetes apps by declaring, provisioning & configuring cloud native applications.

Terraform Helm
Kubernetes Pricing

Kubernetes Pricing

VEXXHOST Kubernetes includes a FREE control plane. Our Kubernetes pricing is based on the resources required by your cluster, including Virtual Machines and associated Block Storage and Load Balancers.

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Benefit from high-performance Kubernetes and great pricing. Run Virtual Machines as worker nodes with workload management happening at no-cost!

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