Certified Kubernetes

High-Performance Containerized Application Management, Powered by Kubernetes.

What you’ll get

As open-source enthusiasts, we need to offer a platform that allows you the choice of Kubernetes & OpenStack. Our CloudConsole houses Kubernetes & OpenStack services, giving you quick access to both solutions. Our certified Kubernetes combine containers into logical units to make applications for easier management and discovery. Since the hosting model is also agnostic, regardless of whether you are using our public or our private cloud, you will only have to write the code once. Afterward, your application will run on any infrastructure model.

OpenStack Powered and Kubernetes Certified

Take advantage of open source technology through VEXXHOST’s usage of OpenStack technology.

  • OpenStack Certified

    VEXXHOST is not only a provider of Certified Kubernetes but is also certified by the OpenStack foundation. This means that we are exceptionally skilled and well versed in all of their projects and service offerings, including Magnum, their container project, which we use as the foundation for the delivery of our Kubernetes Enablement offering.

  • No Vendor Lock-In

    VEXXHOST’s open-source technology also ensures that users will never be locked into any service.

  • Certified Kubernetes

    Users are delivered our Certified Kubernetes, as recognized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Powered by OpenStackcertified kubernetes badge

Simplified Integration With OpenStack Services

Integrate Kubernetes with various OpenStack services for enhanced functionality.

  • Block Storage

    By integrating with Cinder, users can provision persistent volumes which ultimately don’t rely on the lifecycle of their bound pod.

  • Keystone

    The Kubernetes integration with Keystone makes it possible for users to authenticate their clusters using their existing OpenStack username and password.

  • Load Balancers

    With OpenStack’s Load Balancers service integrated with Kubernetes, users can employ an external load balancer that exists in front of the Kubernetes service, creating an external IP that can be accessed and will distribute traffic amongst the pods.

kubernetes ingrates simply with OpenStack

Provides Reliable Deployment of Certified Kubernetes

Deploy your desired version of upstream Kubernetes without complications.

  • Powered By Upstream Kubernetes

    Through our offering powered by upstream Kubernetes, our users employ the cleanest and most up-to-date version of the source code.

  • Quick & Easy Deployment

    Users can deploy a Kubernetes cluster, hassle-free, on our system in under five minutes.

  • Various Accessible Versions

    Our offering allows users to choose between the latest version of Kubernetes, 1.14, or versions 1.12 and 1.13.

deployment of certified kubernetes is reliable

Provides Easy Scalability

Take advantage of the highly scalable nature of Kubernetes nodes.

  • Highly Scalable

    Users can scale both their pods and their clusters up and down, delivering expansive configuration possibilities.

  • Automated

    By implementing auto-scalers at the pod and cluster level, users benefit from the system scaling up and down automatically as resources are required.

highly scalable kubernetes' nodes

Integrate Kubernetes With CI/CD

Put Kubernetes to work for code deployment with CI/CD integration.

  • Containerize Code

    Users can run their apps within containers to benefit not only from the portability and replication but also from the inherent prevention of conflicts between sets of code.

  • Orchestrate Deployments

    Users can delegate the management of their apps to Kubernetes instead of having to monitor, scale, and deploy them manually.

certified kubernetes with seamless integration

Upstream Kubernetes

Take the worry out of applying out-of-date or buggy code with upstream Kubernetes.

  • Clean Code

    VEXXHOST only makes use of upstream Kubernetes, ensuring that users are getting the cleanest possible version of the code.

  • Maintenance & Updates

    Through the use of upstream Kubernetes, users are also easily transitioned to the latest updates, ensuring the maintenance of their code.

Kubernetes made available through upstream

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