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What You Can Expect

Here at VEXXHOST, we offer an OpenStack powered private cloud infrastructure either hosted or on-premise. From a one time deployment to a fully managed solution, we provide our services in a customizable manner. Our upstream OpenStack practice allows you to benefit from no licensing fees and no vendor lock-in.


⚙️ Take full advantage of existing hardware

Having complete control over aspects of security, scalability, and configurability of your servers, VEXXHOST also makes sure you can leverage your existing hardware to its fullest potential.

🏢 Easy on-site troubleshooting

If you need help with the hardware on-premise, the traveling fees to send a technician would be significantly lower if you choose a cloud provider from within your country, not to mention more timely responses.

🏗 Complete liberty for hardware customization

Add/remove as many additional resources and services as you want. With the best practice provided by VEXXHOST, you can create the ideal cloud environment tailored to your cloud needs in the most specific way possible.


🔒 SOC Type 2 Audits

Network security is a priority at our data centers, which is why it undergoes SOC Type 2 audits each year.

🔒 Security on Site 24/7/365

Not only do those who enter our site go through a biometric iris scan, but also there are card readers all along the perimeter. The facility is guarded 24/7/365 by security staff, too. Constant HD monitoring measures have been put in place as well.

🔒 Extra Security Precautions

In addition to abiding by all of Canada’s privacy rules and regulations, we also offer our customers caged space options to add yet another level of security.

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