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Managed Zuul

Project Gating

With managed Zuul, take advantage of systematic gatekeeping which allows a change to be merged only when it is confirmed to work without disruption.

  • Project Gating

    Zuul’s testing automation ranges from simple commit checks to the full release process, so you can be sure that code merged into an application has passed all functional and regressional tests.

Project gating system supported by zuul
Cross project testing supported by zuul
  • Cross-Project Testing & Dependencies

    Even if a code is dependent on several other systems, Zuul ensures that the systems are tested together through a shared queue before landing even a single patch. You even have the benefit of specifying that a change is dependent on another change, in any repository known to Zuul. These changes can be tested using either independent or dependent pipelines. 

Fully Managed

With VEXXHOST, you not only get a managed service but also additional assistance to maintain it, so get your free trial for managed Zuul today!

Managed Zuul
  • Management & Support

    VEXXHOST does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to consume Zuul as a service without having to worry about the infrastructure layer underneath. You also benefit from additional support through constant monitoring and upgrade, which are included in VEXXHOST’s offering.

  • Tested Solution

    Zuul has been tested against our cloud to make sure it works efficiently and effectively. VEXXHOST also uses Zuul internally for continuous integration. Further reassuring that you are receiving an excellent solution that has been tried and tested by your solution provider.

Tested Zuul

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