Businesses big and small are using video streaming in cloud computing as a tool for communication, education and user experience. Gone are the days of Blockbuster video rentals, making mixtapes on old cassettes and recording television on VHS tapes. Thanks to the power of the cloud we can now stream video and more straight onto our devices. We can watch our favorite Youtube videos on our televisions, catch up on Netflix on our phones and stream music through our laptops. Certainly, the options are endless and the technology behind them is powerful.  

Media consumption has transformed in multiple ways due to cloud computing advancements. As a result cloud-powered streaming platforms with subscription-based services are popping up everywhere. From game-changers like Netflix to Disney+, HBO and Amazon Prime, choice in streaming services has exploded. 

Video streaming in cloud computing will continue to influence and change the way that individuals stream video, music and more. We’ve compiled a few ways in which the cloud is changing streaming platforms for the better.

Agility and Scale For Streaming In Cloud Computing

Streaming platforms understand that they will not always need the same amount of bandwidth and speed to keep their services running smoothly and efficiently. Instead of paying for more space than a platform may need, it makes sense to utilize the cloud to scale up or down depending on the needs of the business. Having better control of scale and being able to react swiftly to any changes ensures that the streaming process is both cost-effective but also performs at its best. This ensures that the streaming experience is the best that it can be, which can be especially important for subscription-based platforms. 

Even small businesses can stream video with efficiency thanks to the scalability option. High-quality services are no longer reserved solely for larger businesses that can afford the extra space. It may mean more competition for big names like Netflix, but cloud computing brings more choice to consumers. 

The Highest Potential For Storage and Data

Alongside the benefits of streaming online comes a set of unique technical challenges. Streaming video means that large amounts of data are being transmitted. This could result in latency issues which mean only one dreaded thing: buffering. We all know that a long buffering time can ruin even the best viewing experiences.

Similarly, cloud computing allows streaming platforms to leverage storage and data to ensure the highest viewing quality for consumers. This becomes particularly important in cases of live streaming. No matter if it’s a conference call or a live stream video, no viewer wants to experience a lag in their streaming. 

In conclusion, video streaming in cloud computing is something that allows us to experience high-quality streaming at a more competitive price. The quality of the streaming is vastly improved, which only enriches the experience of the user. Cloud technology will no doubt only continue to improve the streaming experience and new innovations will improve user experience to match.

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