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Maintaining Momentum After Cloud Migration

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Migrating to the cloud is a challenging process, but so is maintaining the infrastructure post-migration. There are numerous benefits to taking your workloads to the cloud: increased efficiency, security, lower costs and ease of management. But one can only make the most of these advantages if the cloud ecosystem remains healthy after the migration is complete. We had recently walked you through the steps of a successful cloud migration process and you can revisit the details of How to Maintain Momentum Throughout Your Cloud Migration.

Now we will talk about maintaining momentum after cloud migration!

Moving business-critical workloads to the cloud is not an easy decision. A lot of thought and preparation goes into it. We are going to list some considerations that you must be mindful of even after migration for a seamless experience of cloud services.

Change Management

Concentrating on just the technical aspects post-migration is not enough. A lot will change on the human resource end as roles transform and new roles get added. Therefore, it is important to keep your people in the loop both before and after migration. Managing your teams through adequate training and knowledge sharing will make employees more accepting of the change and be aware of the new environment.

Resource and Cost Optimization

After setting up your cloud ecosystem, the next step would be utilizing it to its full capacity. While doing so you must also be mindful of the cost associated with it. The usage of cloud resources needs to be closely monitored post-migration. This prevents unnecessary sprawl and unbudgeted expenses.

Testing the Environment

It is important to ensure the health of your cloud throughout. Testing certain services that are set up in the cloud helps identify what needs to be improved upon. Such as performance, integration and security of the cloud have to be updated frequently and checked for functionality from time to time.


Data breaches are fairly common nowadays making ongoing protection a best practice. Your cloud provider should enable you with the right resources to keep your data secure. From identity management to authentication and access, IT teams must focus on all areas of security.

The transition from legacy infrastructure to the cloud is a serious step. Most businesses are aware of the challenges that they have to overcome to maintain a successful platform. A strategic timeline that covers the above-mentioned areas helps in tackling them.



It can be difficult to pay attention to all these areas before, during and after migration. Having an experienced cloud provider by your side can do wonders for your cloud ecosystem. You can consult with your cloud provider on best practices for a healthy cloud ecosystem. If your business is looking to migrate to the cloud or facing difficulties managing an OpenStack based cloud infrastructure, then VEXXHOST is your answer. To maintain momentum after cloud migration a trusted cloud provider should be by your side.

The VEXXHOST team has extensive experience in public and private cloud deployments with varying clients. We can not only assist you with migration but also provide you with a fully-managed infrastructure post it. The fully-managed service allows your business to focus on its core competencies while we take care of the infrastructure layer underneath. Reach out to our experts to know more about how we can help you reach your cloud goals.

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