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VEXXHOST Inc., a Canadian cloud computing provider, launched today it’s cloud load balancer service. The load balancing service provides an effortless and simple way to manage incoming online traffic and distributing the workload between multiple instances and resources.

With more and more users managing complex workloads, VEXXHOST is dedicated to adding new tools to simplify cloud infrastructure for its customers. The highly requested service, cloud load balancers, enable users to easily scale cloud resources up and down to ensure optimal application and content delivery.

Cloud Load Balancers can be quickly launched from the client’s VEXXHOST CloudConsole dashboard or the OpenStack APIs without requiring any installation, configuration or hardware setup. The service is powered by the OpenStack traffic management project, Octavia and the load balancers are integrated and fully compatible with OpenStack APIs. VEXXHOST cloud load balancers support HTTP and TCP protocol.

“Our goal with our cloud load balancers is to provide users with a simple and intuitive tool that would simplify scalability, redundancy and high availability for their website and applications.” said Mohammed Naser, CEO and co-founder of VEXXHOST. “Cloud load balancers will allow our users to easily distribute workloads across multiple instances without disrupting the end user experience.”

VEXXHOST cloud load balancers are automatically deployed in pairs to provide full redundancy. For each active load balancer, a backup load balancer exist and is ready to take over workloads in the event that the primary load balancer fails. In addition, load Balancers health monitoring ensures that no workloads are sent to unhealthy or unresponsive instances.

VEXXHOST cloud load balancers are billed on an hourly basis and start at $0.03 per hour. Additional outgoing bandwidth charges are calculated for the account as a whole and are $0.10/mo per GB for the first TB. Outgoing bandwidth charges are priced per tier which offers lower prices for higher usage. There are no additional charges for incoming bandwidth.

Founded in 2006, VEXXHOST Inc. is a Canadian cloud computing provider offering OpenStack public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to customers, from small businesses to governments, from over 150 different countries. VEXXHOST Inc. delivers a high level of expertise to help clients optimize cloud infrastructure so they can focus on their core competencies. For more information, visit https://vexxhost.com or follow @vexxhost.

VEXXHOST, a leading cloud hosting provider, today launched an improved platform run on all-new Dell Enterprise hardware. The upgrade also includes a redesigned website, expanded billing options, and a suite of new business solutions: cloud networks, cloud load balancers, cloud object storage, and cloud DNS. These new offerings reflect VEXXHOST’s commitment to serving the needs of its expanding customer base.

“We are excited to launch our state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform and extended services,” says VEXXHOST CEO Mohammed Naser. “As the scope and complexity of cloud hosting expands, businesses need a reliable partner to keep their cloud infrastructure running quickly and smoothly. Now VEXXHOST can provide our clients with more solutions than ever.”

VEXXHOST updated its hardware to Dell’s latest R630 servers, powered by solid-state storage hard drives. The company also updated its OpenStack operating system to the latest Juno release and reconfigured the control panel / management portal to become easier to use and more intuitive.

VEXXHOST is now offering four new cloud solutions:

1. Cloud networks: Based on OpenStack’s Neutron networking service, the cloud network service creates secure single-tenant networks with complete control over network topology and architecture. These private and isolated networks can be easily interconnected, with floating IP addresses available.
2. Cloud load balancers: Maintaining 24/7 server availability is a breeze with VEXXHOST’s cloud load balancing service. From an easy-to-use API, clients can create pools of servers and perform health checks to ensure consistent performance. The service includes a dedicated IP address and HTTP, HTTPs, and TCP support.
3. Cloud object storage: From the straightforward CloudConsole control panel, clients can store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the Internet, paying for only the storage used with no minimum fees or setup costs. This scalable storage solution is durable, reliable, secure, and cost-effective.
4. Cloud DNS: Using the OpenStack Designate project, VEXXHOST has created a simplified DNS platform that minimizes the manual work required. The constantly monitored service is fast and reliable, and the interface is easy to use.

All of VEXXHOST’s cloud-based services have guaranteed high availability backed by a service level agreement that ensures reliability. VEXXHOST is powered by OpenStack, the leading open source cloud operating system, and is a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation. The partnership goes back many years; in fact, VEXXHOST was the first Canadian company on the OpenStack Marketplace.

“Companies building on OpenStack are bringing product enhancements and a refined user experience to customers at an accelerating pace,” says Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation. “The ability to innovate within the OpenStack platform is a key element of its value to vendors and users alike, and we’re happy that VEXXHOST has leveraged their in-depth engagement with the OpenStack community to deliver products and services that meet the needs of their customers.”

With customer needs in mind, VEXXHOST also recently added two new billing options: credit billing, which allows customers to prepay with PayPal, and recurring billing, which allows customers to keep a credit card on file for automatic monthly charges.

Never content to stop innovating, VEXXHOST is hard at work developing even more cloud solutions, which will be announced in the near future.

“Our new platform and expanded services enable us to offer reliable, simple cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes,” offers Naser. “Contact us to see how we can fulfill your networking and website needs.”

To learn more about the new platform and cloud computing services from VEXXHOST, visit https://vexxhost.com.

VEXXHOST, Inc., was founded in 2006 to provide online hosting services. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the largest technology leaders in the hosting industry, offering the latest cloud-based services to thousands of customers. Customers range from small businesses to governments, in more than 150 different countries worldwide.

VEXXHOST, a leader in Canadian on-line hosting and cloud computing services, has announced its new partnership with Baystream Corporation, a Canadian enterprise solution provider, to bring its documented management solutions on the VEXXHOST OpenStack® based cloud platform.

Baystream’s solutions are designed for highly regulated industries with strict data storage requirements. With this new partnership, VEXXHOST has worked together with Baystream to bring their leading solutions on their Canadian cloud computing platform. Canadian customers in heavily regulated industries are now able to take advantage of the powerful and feature-rich document management solutions all while keeping their data within VEXXHOST’s secure data centers.

The document management system provided by Baystream, M-Files, is designed for the enterprise. By leveraging the cloud, it becomes an extremely flexible and scalable platform which can grow with any company. Because of the way that M-Files is fully integrated to Windows, it allows for fast adoption and short return on investments. It also helps companies in heavily regulated industries who are facing very strict compliance environments.

“We’re extremely happy to have Baystream on-board as one of our partners,” said Mohammed Naser, CEO of VEXXHOST. “Our cloud computing services are a perfect fit for their solutions and by working together, we can provide a complete document management solutions by using our secure, scalable and redundant infrastructure and with their feature-rich solutions.”

“We are very excited to be able to provide our systems on Vexxhost cloud infrastructure,” said Edward Moore, CEO of Baystream. “Vexxhost delivers a high quality and secure environment that enables us to deliver our cloud products to Canadian customers with 100% assurance that content never leaves the territory. This is a regulatory necessity in several high profile cases and is something that provides an additional comfort to Canadian companies in general.”

VEXXHOST, Inc. was founded in 2006 to provide online hosting services and it has grown to be one of the large technology leaders in the hosting industry, offering the latest cloud based services to thousands of customers, from small businesses to governments, from over 150 different countries.

About Baystream
Baystream Corporation, founded in 2005, provides business improvement solutions to small and medium size companies. Baystream specializes in cloud based technologies and its products encompass Document and Quality Management, Process Improvement, Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems. The company’s flagship product is available in 27 languages, used in highly regulated industries, by thousands of customers.

Leading cPanel cloud hosting provider VexxHost, announced today the launch of Cloud Sites, a new service powered by cPanel that delivers the best cloud performance and reliability in the industry. Deployed on a state-of-the-art cloud platform and bundled with valuable features, Cloud Sites is highly redundant, ultra-fast, and instantly scalable cloud hosting.

“Cloud Sites combines the power and reliability of cloud hosting with the convenience of a managed service,” says Mohammed Naser, CEO at VexxHost. “Customers can sign up for an affordable Cloud Sites plan to maximize website performance. Our optimized platform then has an immediate, measurable impact on page loading and application processing times. Meanwhile, our expert team takes care of server configuration and management, allowing customers to focus on their businesses, instead of working with their hosting plan. This is the first time technology like this has been available as part of a web hosting plan.”

VexxHost’s new Cloud Sites service is a cPanel cloud hosting solution that runs individual accounts in isolated virtual containers. Cloud Sites offer allocated hardware resources, including RAM, CPU, and disk space, improving the performance of websites and applications. In addition, with massively scalable redundant storage that heals itself in the event of failure, customers can always be confident that their website will always remain online. The entire infrastructure is designed for performance, with optimized web servers that can handle up to 20 times more connections than standard web hosting accounts, high availability file storage, a static content offloading system and more. Using this technology, VexxHost provides the fastest, most dependable cPanel Cloud hosting solution in the industry.

“We have optimized every part of our infrastructure to create the best cloud hosting solution,” says Naser. “In addition, Cloud Sites include powerful software and applications to help our customers find success. We also bundle Cloud Sites with CloudFlare Railgun, which increases website performance, valued at over $200 a month and free to Cloud Sites customers. Cloud Sites customers also receive more than 200 web applications, an automated script installer, and $200 in marketing credits. By choosing Cloud Sites, customers get an optimized, feature-packed service that runs on the best infrastructure in the business.”

Cloud Sites from VexxHost brings is an extremely fast cPanel hosting platform, combined with value-adding free features and 24/7/365 monitoring and support. Customers can select from tiered cloud hosting plans to meet the demands of their businesses, and even take advantage of free expert migration to get their cloud site online.

To learn more about Cloud Sites and cloud hosting services from VexxHost, current and prospective customers are encouraged to visit https://vexxhost.com.

About VexxHost
VexxHost, Inc. was founded in 2006 to provide online hosting services. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the largest technology leaders in the hosting industry, offering the latest cloud-based services to thousands of customers. Customers range from small businesses to governments, in more than 150 different countries worldwide.

VEXXHOST, a leader in online web hosting and cloud hosting services, today announced their expanded partnership with CloudFlare, the web performance and security company. VEXXHOST is the first hosting provider to offer CloudFlare’s innovative Railgun web performance optimization technology as a free option for all its customers.

“We’ve worked with CloudFlare from the inception of Railgun up until it’s launch and the technology behind it is simply astounding,” said Mohammed Naser, CEO of VEXXHOST. “On average, we’re seeing customers using CloudFlare with Railgun experience three time faster HTML load times. It makes web pages pop when you load them.”

“I was simply amazed at how much faster my sites began to load after turning on Railgun,” said Jamie Starke, a VEXXHOST customer who was part of an early testing group of Railgun. “VEXXHOST hosts many of my websites, including http://www.jamiestarke.com. I am incredibly happy with this new partnership and look forward to seeing the added performance benefits to all of my websites.”

CloudFlare powers a global network of 23 data centers optimized for performance. CloudFlare’s Railgun technology optimizes connections between VEXXHOST’s network and CloudFlare’s edge servers. Combining both traditional CDN techniques as well as innovative dynamic network optimization, the net effect is a massive performance increase for VEXXHOST customers’ sites regardless of where they are accessed around the world.

“We’re excited to have VEXXHOST as the first CloudFlare Optimized Partner to go live. By providing Railgun for free to all their customers, VEXXHOST has established themselves as one of the fastest hosts on the Internet,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare. “VEXXHOST implementation is incredibly smooth, making it easy for any website owner to install CloudFlare with just a click.”

VEXXHOST’s new CloudFlare management portal was built by VEXXHOST from the ground up and is tightly integrated with cPanel. The management portal allows any customer to sign up for CloudFlare and enable the services features, including Railgun, with just a few clicks. CloudFlare charges its Business and Enterprise customers hundreds of dollars a month for the Railgun service. As a CloudFlare Optimized Partner, VEXXHOST is offering Railgun as a free option to all its customers.

VEXXHOST, Inc. (https://vexxhost.com / @vexxhost) was founded in 2006 to provide online hosting services and it has grown to be one of the large technology leaders in the hosting industry, offering the latest cloud based services to thousands of customers, from small businesses to governments, from over 150 different countries.

About CloudFlare
CloudFlare, Inc. (http://www.cloudflare.com / @cloudflare) makes sites twice as fast, protects them from attacks, ensures they are always online, and makes it simple to add web apps with a single click. CloudFlare supercharges websites regardless of size or platform with no need to add hardware, install software, or change a line of code. The CloudFlare community gets stronger as it grows; every new site makes the network smarter. Thanks to our awesome sauce technology, every month hundreds of millions of people experience a faster, safer, better Internet. CloudFlare was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer, named the Most Innovative Network & Internet Technology Company of the Year for the last two years by the Wall Street Journal, and ranked among the world’s 50 most innovative companies of 2012 by Fast Company. CloudFlare is based in San Francisco, California, USA.

VEXXHOST, one of the international leaders in online web and cloud hosting services, announced today the release of their redundant, high performance cloud computing platform.

The infrastructure-as-a-service platform is powered by OpenStack®, a highly scalable open source cloud operating system that powers some of the world’s largest enterprises.

This new cloud technology comes after over a year of development, engineering and testing in order to find the perfect combination of hardware and software. Starting from high performance, high-density servers up to procedures to add compute capacity near instantly.

For VEXXHOST’s customers, this means that getting their servers on the cloud is as simple as filling a small sign up form and creating their server. The control panel that powers this entire infrastructure is an in-house developed control panel that leverages all of the OpenStack® compute features, from simple server creation & power tasks up until complex security groups and key pair injection.

The cloud system offers very popular templates, both Linux & Windows with a list of templates being constantly added. The VEXXHOST platform also offers unique features that are not offered with any other OpenStack® cloud, such as advanced performance metrics for each server and full system logs, included for free.

The implementation between the operating system and cloud layer is fully integrated, allowing the cloud platform to interact with the customers cloud server transparently using an advanced agent. This means that customers can complete tasks such as password resets without any reboots.

It also allows customers to add/remove IP addresses from the control panel, and those changes will be reflected instantly in the network configuration on the server, allowing for easy server management. All these changes can be completed using full access to the OpenStack® API.

As online services start moving to cloud based services, VEXXHOST aims to continue to create and add new cloud based services to facilitate cloud adoptions, from basic services such as DNS up until complex services such as load balancers and fully managed and automatically scalable application hosting.

VEXXHOST, Inc. was founded in 2006 to provide online hosting services and it has grown to be one of the large technology leaders in the hosting industry, offering the latest cloud based services to thousands of customers, from small businesses to governments, from over 150 different countries.

Web hosting & Cloud hosting leader VEXXHOST has announced it’s launch of its dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 network over its cloud infrastructure. VEXXHOST also announces their participation in World IPv6 day as a participating organization that has deployed an IPv6 network and allows for customers to deploy and deliver their content on IPv6.

As part of VEXXHOST’s initiative to increase the IPv6 connectivity around the world and allow organizations to bring their applications and services to IPv6, VEXXHOST is including 1 /64 subnet with each cloud server at no extra cost for all current and future clients. This means that every single new cloud server deployed on the cloud continues to come with 4 free IPv4 addresses as well as 1 free IPv6 subnet which contains 2^64 unique IP addresses.

The amount of total IPv4 addresses is a combination of 2^32 possible unique IP addresses. The IPv6 architecture has major modifications in place so that there is a total of 2^128 total unique IP addresses. This ensures that there should not be any future IP address issues, as per calculations; there are roughly 5000 IP addresses for every square micrometer of the Earth’s surface.

The dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 implementation of the cloud allows customers to make their services available on both networks. This allows customers to become ready for the transition to IPv6, an issue that has to be addressed in the close future as we approach the end of IPv4 addressing. Once the IPv6 network is fully deployed all over the world, clients would safely and easily remove all IPv4 connectivity to switch to native IPv6 only.

About VEXXHOST (https://vexxhost.com)
VEXXHOST is a private debt-free company based in Montreal, Canada. The strategic location of their datacenter located in a centralized location between the United States, Europe & western Canada allows for low latency and high transfer speeds. VEXXHOST offers the latest enterprise and stable technologies to their clients at low cost. Starting from shared web hosting, semi-dedicated web hosting, reseller web hosting all up until cloud hosting. Their high quality service coupled with their affordable pricing makes them a high contender in a saturated market.

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