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Scalable Cloud Load Balancers

Having your websites and applications run during high traffic hours can be very challenging. If not managed properly, quick outbursts in online traffic can cause disrupting outages to your users, which may result in loss of revenue.

Cloud Load Balancers ensures optimal application and content delivery by distributing workloads across multiple computing resources and instances. Eliminate interruption by scaling your applications quickly and easily from your dashboard using automatic or on-demand scaling.

VEXXHOST Cloud Load Balancer Features

Fully Redundant

Cloud load balancers are automatically created in pairs to deliver full redundancy. One load balancer acts as the active traffic manager while the second is on standby, fully-ready to be activated at any time. If the initial load balancer fails, the second will instantaneously take over the load to deliver continuous optimal website and content delivery.


Automated Scaling

The load balancer’s automatic scaling allows you to easily scale your resources up or down when you are faced with unexpected spikes in traffic. The load balancers will automatically distribute the incoming traffic between multiple instances resulting in undisrupted uptime for your users.


Health Monitoring

Cloud load balancers are equipped with health monitoring which ensures that incoming traffic is only directed to healthy instances. If an unhealthy workload is detected, the load balancer removes it from scaling and redirects the traffic to healthy instances. Load balancers health monitoring allows you to create HTTP, ping and TCP health checks.

OpenStack Integration

Our cloud load balancers are powered by OpenStack project Octavia. Octavia is a load balancer-as-a-service project that aims to deliver a simple way to create and scale load balancers. Being powered by OpenStack, VEXXHOST cloud load balancers can be used to manage traffic on your OpenStack Cloud or be used alongside open source tools such as Kubernetes.


HTTP Load Balancing

HTTP load balancing can forward website incoming traffic to multiple backend instances. In order to simplify the DNS setup process, your website or applications will be available via a single global IP address. HTTP load balancers are easily scalable and fully fault-tolerant.


TCP Load Balancing

The cloud load balancers support TCP protocol which directs TCP traffic to a cluster. The distribution of TCP traffic to a pool of instances results in higher performance and availability.

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