Cloud Load Balancers

High Performance, Scalable Cloud Traffic Management.

What you’ll get

Having your websites and applications run during high traffic hours can be very challenging. If not appropriately managed, quick outbursts in online traffic can cause disrupting outages to your users, which may result in loss of revenue.

Cloud Load Balancers ensures optimal application and content delivery by distributing workloads across multiple computing resources and instances. Eliminate interruption by scaling your applications quickly and easily from your dashboard using automatic or on-demand scaling.

Customizable Traffic Management

Load balancers ensure that the workload is shared predictably among instances and enable more effective use of system resources. So, users can configure to their preferred load splitting method.

  • Round Robin

    Users can split their workload based on the next available machine.

  • Source IP

    Users can choose to return to the same server each time based on the load balancer, knowing from where they are entering.

  • Least connections

    Users can allocate requests to the instance with the least number of active connections.

Customizable traffic management private cloud

Multiple SSL Encryption Options

Users can choose from multiple different SSL encryptions.


    The load balancer can receive your request, send it to the server and send back the response. HTTP load balancers are easily scalable and fully fault-tolerant.

  • TCP

    With this method, there’s no need to set up a load balancer SSL as no request is needed, it passes straight through. The distribution of TCP traffic to a pool of instances results in higher performance and availability.

  • UDP

    Avoid latency with this connectionless, lightweight protocol and establish loss-tolerating connections between applications on the internet.

Seamless Encryption

Ability to Perform Health Checks

Never worry about sending traffic to an unhealthy server.

  • Ensure Server Health

    OpenStack’s load balancer service can be configured to run HTTP, ping, and TCP health checks, ensuring traffic doesn’t go to unhealthy and unresponsive servers. If an unhealthy workload is detected, the load balancer removes it from scaling and redirects the traffic to healthy instances.

Ability to perform health checks

Take advantage of our expertise! VEXXHOST is OpenStack Certified.

Our cloud services contain OpenStack software that has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services.

Our public infrastructure is currently running Ussuri.

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