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6 Things VEXXHOST's OpenStack Consulting Service Can Help You With

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VEXXHOST's OpenStack Consulting service offers organizations the ability to benefit from any available attribute of the platform. Read more.

VEXXHOST's OpenStack Consulting service offers organizations who are looking to use an OpenStack cloud the ability to benefit from any available attribute of the platform. Or, to get prepared to adopt it. Through VEXXHOST's vast experience in managing the most significant public OpenStack cloud in Canada and numerous private clouds worldwide, we are well equipped to help businesses in anything OpenStack.

VEXXHOST's OpenStack Consulting Service

VEXXHOST's OpenStack Consulting Service allows you to focus on your core competencies while we handle the rest. Without further delay, here are the six things companies can benefits from VEXXHOST's OpenStack Consulting solution.

1. Strategy & Architecting

VEXXHOST will aid you in enhancing your infrastructure for improved efficiency, incorporating OpenStack projects, give operational insight for enhanced architecture, and implement optimal storage solutions for a smooth migration.

2. Design & Applications

We optimize applications to improve productivity and performance by infrastructure enhancements and establishing a seamless workflow. Our team works with you in assessing the architecture and suitability of the applications for your cloud. Then, our team defines a cloud strategy and roadmap to transform and grow through selecting the right avenues.

3. Implementing New OpenStack Projects

Our experts guide you to determine which OpenStack projects suit your needs better. If your enterprise has an OpenStack powered private cloud, we can help your business do more by implementing a variey of new projects. Often, you may need a less active project; we give you the option and flexibility to use the ideal project for your specific needs.

4. Deploying OpenStack Environment

VEXXHOST's OpenStack consulting service provides revolutionized delivery and operations process, with improved efficiency and flexibility for your infrastructure to learn and perform faster. The process includes gathering requirements, architecting, deploying, and testing, to the maintenance and management of the environment. In short, you can rely on VEXXHOST to do all the heavy lifting for your enterprise.

5. Strategic Management

We will be by your side offering guidance in managing the environment, its flow, and ensuring services are obtained efficiently, providing you the best advantages. We will also help you lead the cloud migration with your team by coming up with strategies, tools, and techniques, providing operational and architectural reviews as needed.

6. Upgrades

Sometimes all that is needed for your OpenStack powered cloud is an upgrade to a newer release. We help you benefit from any available OpenStack release with our upgrades solution. These upgrades allow the latest updates and features flow seamlessly through your environment. As regular users and contributors to the OpenStack upstream code, we have the knowledge and experience to work with a wide range of infrastructure projects. Learn more about our OpenStack Upgrades.

VEXXHOST Cloud Solutions

As a reputed IaaS provider, we ensure that our clients get the best advice and consultation for their cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, we build the infrastructure using the open source power of OpenStack - always meaning free upgrades and no vendor-lock-ins. At VEXXHOST, we provide cloud solutions for a multitude of clients worldwide. We provide OpenStack-based clouds, including public clouds and dedicated and highly secure private cloud environments, ensuring utmost security and agility.

Take advantage of our limited-time deal just to set up a one-time, OpenStack-based private cloud deployment - at 50% off! The cloud will be running on the latest OpenStack release, Wallaby, which allows you to run Kubernetes and VMs in the same environment, and can be deployed in your own data centers with your hardware. Furthermore, all these will be deployed and tested in under a month!

What are you waiting for? Learn more!

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