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Featured: Supermicro Case Study on VEXXHOST's Cloud Expansion

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Supermicro is a global leader in high-performance server technology. Here is a success story they published featuring VEXXHOST. Read more.

Supermicro is a global leader in high-performance server technology, computing, and innovation. The company provides customers with application-optimized servers and workstations with ample customization choices in blade, storage, and GPU solutions. Recently, Supermicro published a success story/case study featuring VEXXHOST, and we were so glad to be featured. Before we get to the case study, here's some background context.

As the number of customers grows, we need to continually expand our server and storage offerings for customers who require cloud solutions. To provide this, we were determined to partner with a Tier 1 supplier such as Supermicro and chose the 2nd AMD EPYC Generation processors to run their servers. By selecting the Supermicro A+ server, we are enabling our customers to expand their cloud workloads seamlessly.

We thank the team at Supermicro for featuring us in this success story and looking forward to working with them again in the future.

You can read the success story here.

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