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Improving Transport: A Cloud Powered Automotive Industry

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Cloud computing in the Auto Industry

Cloud computing is no stranger to the evergrowing cloud powered automotive industry. We all know that ease of transport is a fundamental yet complex aspect of our every day lives. That is to say: have wheels, will travel. Most importantly, the cloud has become an essential component for operations for auto businesses across the globe. It's only estimated to continue to grow with continuous innovations. Moreover, the digitization of the automotive industry only enriches its connection to the cloud. As consumers, as well as the cars that they are purchasing, are more connected to the cloud than ever before.

From suppliers to automakers, dealers, and consumers, the impact of cloud technology in the automobile sector is evident. Interested in learning more? Let's take a look at how cloud computing is impacting the various sectors within the cloud powered automotive industry.


If we begin at the start of the supply chain, automotive suppliers use cloud computing to improve the cost of their operations. They need to be able to track and trace expenses across the supply chain. This enables suppliers to optimize, reuse and retire assets at the right time. With innovations in cloud technology suppliers are also able to carry out predictive maintenance. Manufacturing equipement uses aggregate data to evaulate performance. This means not only a reduction in operating costs but also improved agility thanks to migrating legacy applications and workloads to the cloud. Finally, add in optimized machine productivity and it's evident that suppliers only stand to benefit from cloud computing in the auto industry.

Suppliers are not the only ones who benefit from innovations in cloud computing in the auto industry. Automakers are deploying a wide range of cloud solutions, from new applications that improve quality and efficiency to enhancements in sales, marketing, and customer service. For example, product designs are easily improved with high-quality testing efficiency using computational simulations. Certainly, applications now enable vehicles to be more connected than ever before. Additionally, cloud computing makes harvesting insights from widescale data resources possible. More information at the fingertips of automakers means higher quality enhancements to the vehicles we drive every single day.


It's no secret that car dealers need to engage potential shoppers early on in their research process. The sooner a potential customer is pre-approved with credit, the more likely they are to purchase a car when they walk into a showroom. Cloud computing is an important asset for dealers to reach engaged shoppers early in their customer journey. Furthermore, dealers are also able to monitor the performance of the vehicles that they have sold to optimize the user experience and improve services. Good user experience means happier shoppers. In turn, happy customers ensure that dealers will experience more return customers. From attracting new customers to better serve current customers, cloud computing is improving the auto industry for car dealers.

Consumers In A Cloud Powered Automotive Industry

To sum up, the power of cloud computing in the auto industry means that consumers are benefiting from better shopping experiences, more thoughtful vehicle servicing, safer travel, and overall increased mobility options.

As a result of cloud computing advancements in the auto industry, suppliers, automakers, dealers, and consumers can all benefit from better, safer and more optimized transportation all thanks to the power of the cloud.

These benefits are further leading to the expansion of cloud technology adoption in the years to come. Global cloud-based solutions market for automotive is projected to reach US $66.95 billion by 2022, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 19.88%. Whereas the global market size for cloud computing as a whole in auto industry is anticipated to reach US $ 9.62 billion by 2025. You can see the regions that are driving this growth in our infographic above and observe the advancements that cloud computing has brough about in automobiles.

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