The best time to experience OpenStack is Now!

Our limited-time offer gets you an on-premise private cloud running the latest OpenStack release, Zed. Along with the design, implementation, best practices, testing, documentation, knowledge transfer, you'll have the ability to launch Kubernetes clusters and VMs in the same environment.

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We Speak Open Source

By using and contributing upstream to open source technologies since 2011, VEXXHOST truly knows OpenStack. Our solutions contain tested OpenStack software to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services. We have a firm grasp on what is needed and what is required to leverage OpenStack’s full potential.

Lets Go

Get Set, GO!

Now's the time to rely on our OpenStack experts to deploy it in just under a month for you. Get on your feet and running in no time with our experts working with you on any requirment you may have. After all, for your start business, what's the point of migrating to the cloud if it's not at the speed of light!


Certified Solutions

Our Kubernetes offering is certified by the CNCF to ensure conformance and support of the required APIs. From basic compute, network, storage, and sharing services to hardware lifecycles, containers, orchestration, and big data, our OpenStack certified solutions have a lot to offer to tailor to your particular use case.

Get VMs & Kubernetes clusters in the same environment.

Get a cloud that allows you to launch both VMs and Kubernetes clusters, no matter what your customized requirement may be.

VEXXHOST offers revolutionized delivery and operations processes, with increased efficiency and flexibility for your company’s infrastructure to perform and learn faster. Our private clouds are always running on the latest OpenStack release to ensure that our clients are benefiting from all that the open-source community has to offer. Today, our private clouds are running the latest release—Zed.


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